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Trail of Tears

Here is what I have learnt from this. It is not at all different from today. It is about the enlightened elites wanting the best for equal humans, and this ideal being contradicted by real-world whites and profit-makers who wanted the Indians out. The is a quote from George Washington, closer to these people, like Hamilton, saying something like, "We assure the red Americans that there are only two things we want from them: Peace and land." (lol)

"The Cherokee country is no more under the jurisdiction of Georgia than it is under the jurisdiction of Missouri or Pennsylvania; nor can it be under the jurisdiction of any state, or of the United States, 'til it shall have been surrendered to the United States by treaty. And where can be the harm of letting a few of our red neighbors own a small remnant of their own territory, exercise the rights which God has given them? They have not the power to injure us! And if we treat them kindly and justly, they will not have the disposition. They have not intruded upon our territory, nor encroached upon our lives."
- Jeremiah Evarts

This would be inspiration to the later Abolitionists, who began as Quakers in Philadelphia, and was amplified by Thoreau. Andrew Jackson was an amazing populist. But, just like Trump, he made stupid, reactionary decisions. One reason he wanted the Cherokee out was because of burgeoning Southern $$$ interests. Another reason he wanted them out was because the Cherokee had fought with the British against the Americans in the USA War of Independence. If this is forgotten, then it will be easilly thought that these Enlightenment whites were simply racist bulldozers. No. The Elites lived in ideals, just as they do today. They were better ideals back then. The common people? As usual, they were left to their own devices.


Love of money.

The racist bulldozers were Everyman, reduced to profit-making greed. Same as it ever was - everywhere.
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