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I am the person who will destroy China.


I guess I can squeeze in some posts.  The migraine has diminished.  Let's see ...  "Write about what you know..."

I've never eaten too much sugar in my life, especially after childhood.  So, my teeth weren't too bad.  Until...

CFS came along and made them weak.  That's what happens.  It also happens with people who have dementia.  You start noticing that you are falling apart when your teeth crack away, and other things happen, and pretty soon, you are part of Earth's forever crumbling upper crust.

Well, there was one thing that happened in my childhoodness.  There was this stupid game.  We couldn't play ball anymore because the ball had deflated, so the idea was to run after the selected fool and pummel him on the head with the deflated basketball.  To keep this from happening to you, all you had to do was to get to the flagpole, which was, "safety."  Nobody could hit you if you got there.

Fair enough.  One would think.

I was IT.  They chased me around.  In my nimble stealthiness, I got right to the flagpole.  And, in my innocence, I got hit anyway.  Why?  Story of my life.

I didn't actually TOUCH the flagpole, but the square concrete base.  Nobody ever talked about that.  But, I guess I just thought outside - or inside - the box.

Down came the ball upon my head.

Up went my hand to shield myself.

And in half an instant, I saw in my open palm: the scatterings of what once my front tooth.  Well, thank you, god at least, for that little miracle.  I somehow caught my own flying tooth.  Which had hit the concrete.  And decided it wanted to have nothing more to do with me.

I cried on my journey through the school, for it was a part of me stupidly lost and all I ever wanted was progress.  SOUND FAMILIAR?  And probably, god inserted my little brother to glare at this in horror and shame, to make him into what he is today.  Not me.  But maybe, "Me's Greatest Hits!"

First, I got a dreadful-looking metal cap put in, covered with a veneer.  Cuz we were poor.  We we immigrants, btw.  Ha ha ha - I once was taken into a back alley behind the school to fight some tall kid, as agreed.  Spanish was everywhere so I knew nothing and then I got hit in the face.  I freaked that my Frankenstein tooth may have been dislodged.  The other guy freaked because he thought he had dislodged an original tooth.  Asta la vista.  Easiest fight ever.

At some point, I got an actual ceramic cap.  To last me the rest of my life!

Tonight, I thought a baked Brussel's sprout would do me good.  These are so BIG, I thought to myself, just ONE is enough for a meal!

And then, "CRUNCH!"

Something terrible was inside the Brussel's sprout.

Oh, no, wait.  It was my front tooth - the ceramic cap.

I am happy that I lost no chewing teeth.  And I am not in public excessively.  But this is terrible.  I cannot THay things, like ThiTHHHHH.  I cannot smile and not look the pathetic poor fool.  Look at me.  College-educated times three, in a town full of nowheres, going around and around in CFS cycles, wanting to do so much for the world, and now this.

Medicare and Medicaid don't take care of this.  The most obvious indicator of wealth and class - one's smile - and so OF COURSE public aid will NOT pay for it.  Not to mention that bad teeth lead to fatal heart and brain problems.  "THE MOST ADVANCED COUNTRY ON EARTH."

This country spends extremely little research money on CFS.  Why?  Because the public thinks CFS is just, "being tired," or, "malingering."  If that is so, then why does it turn you teeth bad - on top of everything else?  It even makes your fingerprints go away - as you fade away from existence in real society.

It may be that the mercury in my few fillings actually helped cause my CFS.  They surely could not have been GOOD for my health.  So, these seem to have all dropped out.  Because of CFS.  Some teeth cracked.  At one point, one tooth had some gum problems - then it got infected and my face swelled up.  Children were terrified because I looked like the Elephant Man.

No dentist would help me.  Why?  Because all that Medicare or Medicaid would provide for was a complete extraction.  That meant that my entire bite would get all screwed up, eventually.  I didn't need that!  And I didn't want to ask relatives to pay $1000 for a root canal.  So, on my own, I made the infection go away, over the course of a year.  BTW - while that infection was active, it worsened my CFS, because that's what CFS is all about.  Immune Dysfunction.

My front tooth is out, and I can't fix this.  All I wanted was a Brussel's sprout.  I have no idea what I can do about this now.

I come here to try to improve my health and all I get are these crazy neighbours banging on the walls to make me sicker, aging me rapidly.

What the hell is wrong with this insane country?  Look at its infrastructure.  Look at its debt.  Look at its reactionary partisan acrimony.  Look at its abuse of the marginal.  And its lies about Russia and Syria.  Look at Donald Trump. SICKNESS ALL TOGETHER!

Bloody Sunday will be home to roost.

I was just another person.
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