I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Lord Nonesuch

Come on.  The real reason why we now have Neil Gorsuch on the Supremes?  Do you follow what's happening, or do you just follow someone else's dreamline, some left-wing or right-wing narrative of what should be real?  So, answer me this...  Why do we now have Neil Gorsuch?  (Another right-wing Catholic, btw).

1 - Because, as expected, the Democrats didn't put up a significant fight to defend Obama's heart-felt selection of moderate/right Merrick Garland. Instead, the Dems just kinda stepped aside and let the GOP stonewall, and eventually elect some right-winger, because the Dems are inherently weak. Indeed, it was partly the hope of GOPpers to put a right-winger into the Court which was responsible for getting D. Trump elected. And, when Dems voted against Gorsuch, the GOPpers simply went for the Senate Nuclear Option, and the final, morbid deed was done.

2 - Because, the GOP had the dirt on who killed Antonin Scalia, which included both members of the Deep State and Barack Obama. That was the real reason why the Dems never put up a fight which could have been won - as they WERE in power, btw! Everything else described in #1 proceeded to happen.

Ever heard the phrase that there are no accidents in politics? There are no accidents in politics. Don't be some kind of diseased flowering house plant. This is the Big Game, kids. People play for TRILLIONS. If you don't think our elected psychopaths won't play crooked, then you just aren't really looking at reality.

And, lol, hey - how cool for Russia: They don't have to quash me because of Russian law - I AM TOO RADICAL AGAINST THE AMERICANS. Sometimes, I think nothing better could have become of madman101, than the complete selling away of LJ to Russian interests. I have never been at home in this country, to begin with. Although. I would have preferred that Australia had been my salvation.

PS - The good fuzzies: Gorsuch is a protégé of Kennedy, and could make many independent decisions.  The bad fuzzies: Gorsuch is the son of Reagan's haughty head of the EPA, Anne Gorsuch, who was fired after 6 months of being too brash and Draconian.  By Reagan.
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