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The Futures Game - and the Harm of Social Intemperance - Part One

When a bolt of lightning zaps the earth and sky, it is trying to reconcile two different static forces, and so it forms a kind of line, which nevertheless also branches naturally, like a tree. But, the static electricity in the earth, or in the clouds, does not flow in a line, or go zap. It seethes like the sea, it blinks and crinkles discretely, every which way, because it is multi-directional - multifactoral. Nevertheless, it will also give itself over to the lines and arches of lightning and electrical arcs.

Like particle and wave, these two very different natures also paradoxically reconcile.

What would happen if we lived in a measureless world? Everything would blend on and on, in and out, and it would be like we were tripping on mushrooms or LSD, or had a stroke, so intense that we would die, like a hatchling without parental sustenance.

And, what would happen if we only measured, day and night? We would lose the continuity, the spirit, the meaning of what we were after. We would be like computers, doggedly set to an infinite task, defining and counting all externality until rust got the better of us, never knowing what it ever meant to be conscious or human.

When we observe a thing, or converse with someone, we must step away and measure. But, then we must also step inside and feel. We must be critical, but we must imagine the perspective of the Other, as well. In and out, back and forth, we do this, in reconciliation of the same contrapositions above. Paradoxically, we do both, somehow. Some have attention which manages this rolling dualism at a low, slow frequency - others manage it at a relatively higher frequencies, where more discrete resolutions can be made.

(And scientists want to say that all reality is made up of, "vibrating strings"? Really, am I really all that eccentric in my thought?)

All of nature has in it this rolling, alternating dichotomy, both resolving it, and then creating dichotomy again, at lightning speed. This is how being observes, this is how beings are measured. This is emotion-making, and this is information. Particle becomes wave, becomes particle, becomes wave. All entities are doing this, influencing all others. This is not only how energy is held and used in our physical reality, it is how all things experience the cognitive acts of observing and of constructing consciousness. And, not only this: This is how all things devise their own conception of their own "futures", and where they likely fit into it.

We, a little bigger than subatomic particles, tend to discard any relevance of quantum fuzz influencing us, though it is all around and throughout us. But, every once in a while, the quantum magic jumps out of its static prison, and zaps us into experiences of meaning. If we measure too much, a wave rolls over us. If we feel too much, fate picks us up and kicks us in the pants.

Generally, in our bigness, we believe we merely assess our way through some time which already exists, not realising that we MAKE the time. Or, when we off work at 5:pm, we let our feelings guide, gladly forgetting that all feelings for futures is basically a game of superstition, according to the world of measurement and fact.

Like evolution being said to be based purely on statistical probability.

Yet, our whole lives, we incline towards making our fates by force of Will. Well. So do all the other animals. And so do all the plants and atoms and planets.

And, in our smallness, we gladly ignore that we are, when measured grossly, absolute pawns of the movement of stars, galaxies and vastly bleeding cosmic accidents.

The futures game is a racket. No wonder there are sometimes bubbles, which end not so happily.

Why is there this fundamental, paradoxical oscillation, of observation and of being? Of information and of emotion? Of matter and of energy? Why is it everywhere and never-ending?

First, let us note that this futures game - the trying and the testing - the wanting and the striving - the planning and the mistaking - it is all relative to the observations of others, right? The observation game is defined by even more observers observing it. That's called relativity. So, particle and wave are not merely defined by the observations, measurements or feelings of fellow particles and waves - they are defined, (and given realness), by big human observation machines, like C.E.R.N.

And, just as one world decides the state of a particle-vs-wave, (even though it may differ from the observation/decision by some OTHER world), then so is matter defined either as matter or as energy; and so is energy defined either as energy or matter, depending on the relative position of some influential observer in space and in time.

Fortunately, in our tiny domain on this speck of a planet, we do not normally have intrusions of powerful "observers" coming in and distorting our sense of reality, and of time, and so on. Instead, we generally compose our reality and meaning out of the general, gross influence of the universal backdrop; and out of the general gross influence of the all-encompassing quantum realm. Our compromise between these two very different forces is precisely what I described above: How we paradoxically create time and reality out of some vast, impossible oscillation, reconciling over and over, disrupting over and over, just like lightning vs static electricity, just like matter and energy, just like particle and wave. It is all completely unknowable and infinitely unending.

But, what if, say, a giant galaxy extremely flew by our little solar system? The perturbations of our sense of time and space - of future - of reality, would be vastly altered: Not so much by the physical force of it all, which is derivative, but by the massive OBSERVATION of that galaxy.

So, you see, we all describe the outer universe in language of mass and acceleration and force and gravity and heat and so forth. But we forget that all this is merely manic measurement on our part, excluding the influence of observation, which is fundamental to the nature of quantum mechanics. We also exclude, of course, any possible influence of being, or consciousness.

("But, the manifestations of these forces of "observation" are completely different in quantum physics versus relativity physics! How do you explain that?!" - I don't explain it now, other than to scoot you back to contemplating the ideas on paradoxical resolution/dissolution above. More on this question at some other time in the future, more narrowly).

The immediate point here: There are all manner of planets and stars and galaxies speeding around us. Normally, everything is tight in its expected orbit or path. That simply means that it is concordant in our realisation of our TIME. But, always, there are things that slip this way or that, an inch or two. There are unexpected comets and planets coming through. There are chaotic eruptions from the sun. While everything is concordant, everything is also changing - pulling and pushing - in conflict - in very tight holding, ready to explode - matter, like the energy bomb that it really is!

So, that means that everything in the cosmos, like everything subatomic, is always influencing us, this way or that. In fact, that is where we get the word, "influenced," originally meaning, "to be moved by the stars".

So, when we remember that physical forces are also vessels by which dynamics of observation also occur - dynamics of meaning, and feeling, and interrelationship, etc. - then we can be more humble and realise that we are part of a greater community or machine of shared consciousness.

This is very important to note. Whereas our planet is influenced by the measured forces in the cosmos, so it is also influenced by the more "spiritual" forces. I am not talking about "God", or intelligent design. I am using the word, "spirit," as I would similarly use the word, "psyche." Let us say that while, seen in scientific eyes, everything is running like a clock, down to the atom... uhhh.. wait...

... at the same time, everything is moving along a psychic dimension...

A linear bolt of lightning will yet branch in deference to static chaos - and static chaos will yet collapse into lines of magnetic fields, in deference to linearity.

There are both. Each separate. Both the same. Neither existing as real. Only one is real. Only the other. This is the never ending reality which I call, "the Double Paradox".

The crazy bald guy acts up not when the clouds darken. Not when the humidity rises and our floorboards squeak. Not even when the barometer drops. He acts up even before the barometer drops - even before the negative ions of any approaching storm ever cross the state line.

Like animals reacting to something more in the Earth below them, the crazy bald guy acts up because something PSYCHIC is in the air. An, "evil," spiritual force. One day, this force will be approximately measured. But, by that time, we will understand that this force is beyond the physical, as well. That is the paradox. It will be like discovering that what we thought was a measurable particle, is off somewhere as a wave, or, wait...

As the Earth turns, it is both turning FOR something, its timeline, and it is also turning AGAINST something, called entropy, en masse. But, even more: The Earth turns in the measured world, and the Earth turns in the world of, "psyche." What if the world was determined to turn at one speed, but all we humans thought that it would turn at a little slower speed? Then our thought would be a spiritual influence in its path - by a tiny factor. But, the difference between one future and another creates some amount of strain on a planet, and all sorts of things happen which we, wee little things, can notice.

The Earth turns both in fluid continuity - as in the world without measurement, (see beginning of post) - and it turns in a world constantly measuring it, and so, it manages to sport these vast lines of force, called the Geo-Magnetic Field. But, it is as if it moves freely, and yet it must move atom-by-atom, line by line, trying to infinitely divide the infinitely indivisible.

And, so it is with the electrical generator down at the power plant. The magneto turns, and from these chaos-released perpendicular lines of magnetic field, is release one linear vector of electricity, which we use for powering our devices, be they what they may. We extract ONE TIMELINE out of the latent power of Nature, and we all tune in - to FaceBook, or such. But, do not think that the psychic side has not been a part of this, at all. It certainly has. And, some would sing to this; "Koyaanisquatsi!"

Life Out of Balance.

(Of course it is, life out of balance. We cannot even see ONE GENERATION down the road. So much for the eminence of our time-making skills!)

Back to the question:

"Why is there this fundamental, paradoxical oscillation, of observation and of being? Of information and of emotion? Of matter and of energy? Why is it everywhere and never-ending?"

Simple. Every entity want to be, or "eat," some other entity/s - and also wants to use or measure, of "own", some other entity/s. Back and forth, back and forth, in and out, in and out. Oscillating, across the universe. Everyone is trying to get in sych - everyone is falling out of sych.

So, that is where I will leave this, Part One, tonight, with the suggestion that you thing again about the topics of existential envy and existential bias, which I have earlier said, are behind all entities' movement to create time/s. And, the outcome of this vast time-making is the vast prevalence of Entropy, the very stuff of measurement, and the very bane of every existence.

note to self: zeno,  bubbles, gold/currency trust, many observing/determinging value for thing, after complaint, gosip, culling, altruism/mob, for sake of society's future
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