I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

catholic is the reaper

I received word that someone from my Catholic childhood past passed away on March 19.  He was a nice big buddy tple, some guy walked by and started asking about my dog, reminded me of when he had asked if I wanted to hook my dog up with some bitch which his friend, "owns". Well, yesterday, he said that this friend of his lost his dog to cancer. He was crushed. Then his father died. Then he drank himself to death.

"All because he wanted my dog and couldn't have him, eh?" I was clearly joking in sympathy, and this went over alright. Too bad that this guy was pals with the guy who died. They used to watch movies together. And I'm like, who ARE you? No, I showed sympathy and he acted like I would be his next movie friend. He's a big guy, so. It's been a while since I've had a bodyguard.

We tend to forget that we're all still alive, no matter how big our hands are.

Recently, I have been having a feeling concerning a certain relative. Most often, when this happened, it turns out that something big happened to that person, simultaneously, or else that person was also thinking or feeling deeply about me. So, I try to find out if things are connected. Sometimes, it is impossible to say.

When our big buddy died, on March 19, it was just after I had posted THIS POST, and on the same day that I posted THIS ONE. Forgive my spiritual journey, oh fates, if it should have knocked off a few unsuspecting Catholics along the way. Just be glad that I never posted anything damning by Morrissey or Pink Floyd. Butt, nothing is new, under the sun. So, my superpowers remain humble and modest, in that schoolboy way.

Suffer but forgive all the pain in the world. Quickly.
... while brain sang dirges in the dark.
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