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The 'Western Front' - Part One

(Sorry. This whole brain business. It's a little over my head. *#!%**@?/!#*).

"Does anyone here remember Vera Lynn?"

I have some kind of genetic memory whereby, once some celebrity dies, I remember forever that that person is dead. I think most people are like this. Until they die, then it gets very hard to remember anything. Well, there are some people out there that you are SURE must be dead, but you don't recall ever hearing about them dying. For example: Jerry Lewis. Jerry Lewis should be way dead by now but I'm pretty sure he is alive. Walter Cronkite. He's dead, right? Gotta be. Chuck Berry was alive until he died only a week ago. And who even knew that Debbie Reynolds was alive until her demonic daughter exposed and killed her. Of course, most people believe that Teddy Roosevelt is dead but he is still living in that giant humidor under Mount Rushmore.

But, Vera Lynn, the famed singer from World War Two, should be dead by now, right? Nope. I was listening to an old-times radio show, and the host said, "Vera Lynn was very old when she died."

A little later, he corrected himself and said that Vera Lynn is still alive, at 100 years old. March 17th was her birthday.

In 1979, on their album The Wall, Pink Floyd released a song titled "Vera", referencing Vera Lynn and the song We'll Meet Again with the lyrics "Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? / Remember how she said that / We would meet again / Some sunny day?".[36] We'll Meet Again was also used as an intro to the live performances of The Wall in 1980 and 1981 (as can be heard on Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980–81).

Vera Lynn was famous for her song, "We'll Meet Again." That is the main reason I am posting about her. Hearing her sing this song today, I was interested in how modern she sounded! For example, she's got a little bit of that back-throat/nasal thing going on, which Shakira and Katy Perry do. So, check it out... FIND IT and other songs HERE.

YouTube / Pandora / LastFM

Forces sweetheart Vera Lynn reveals her heartbreaking World War Two experiences as she turns 100

Vera Lynn 100: Wartime singer releases new album TODAY - LISTEN HERE

I am very interested in how WWII affected the US and UK, and how that lead to the emergence of Rock & Roll, rebelliously trying to break free of the 1950's strictures - where certain things were not supposed to be discussed - and where terrifying school-teachers assaulted children in the name of morality.

One influence was an addiction to amphetamines by British and American soldiers, which encouraged underworld riff-raff and economy.  These were sanctioned to be used in the war, (instead of wine, e.g.), when it was found that the Germans were fighting like superheroes because so many of them were on Meth!

In America, an influence was the emergence of black self-awareness, after having fought for the country. This helped spawn a call for greater civil rights - and freedom - giving rise to an unleashing of energy which was called rock and roll.

World War Two also simply created a mass of broken men who would not talk of their past, or their pain. Many of these became poor or shadow-men. Most of them benefitted from FDR's revolution of social programmes, which gave them houses in the suburbs, but neither settled consciences nor fully confident children. The latter became exacerbated by the BS of anti-communism, plus the terror of possible NUCLEAR WAR.

Vera Lynn was an emblem of the times under stress - of ideals being crushed by horror - along with such stars as Marlena Dietrich, Rosy the Riveter, Glenn Miller, and many others. I feel that Vera Lynn was held up as an idol representing happier, stronger times, and for a continuance of hope through the future. After WWII, there was a lot of physical and psychological destruction left. And then there were trends going their own ways - orphans, Communism, drugs, Rock & Roll - all while the UK nevertheless kept a stiff upper lip, and kept going.

Skiffle and the Beatles arose soon after a new wave of comedy, as spearheaded by Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan. Soon, the Mod scene came along - then psychedelic rock, and so on. This was all a breaking free, largely by the youth, of a lot of CONTROL which was felt to be no longer necessary. Or, maybe: the source of the problems.  But, there also arose a lot of narcissistic pain, from children such as psychedelic Pink Floyd, sobbing under their tattered banner depicting Vera Lynn - and all the lost parents and grandparents, and promises. The name of the game was shame, and betrayal.

"Look, mommy! There's an aeroplane up in the sky!"

Like it, or not, here we are, the inheritors of their very different kind of world. And we are dealing with destruction so vast as the Sixth Great Extinction. But, it will be our own quick undoing that will hurt us the most. A short, sharp shock. Fukushima worldwide. And the walls will shake and our bairns will wail, and we will all go down just wishing to hear our mother's voice, singing calmly to us again. In one moment of distraction.

That we may meet again. Some sunny day.

"All things, in time, will come" -

And then it's past...
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