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I am the person who will destroy China.

Grunge Harrison

la Joie de Vivre

Keep me free from birth.

The Art of Buying.

All Things Must Pass.

Isn't It a Pity.

Within You Out You Stew.

(Across the universe).

A curious thing is this: We all know about the tension building in the touring Beatles, who ran to the safety of the studio, in emulation of Brian Wilson. That became their life and they started bringing in their girlfriends to sing. This created more worldly angst amongst them. Add drugs and debauchery and stardom and money to that, and there was a tad or two of hatred being circulated. What was the demon in this mix? What was the heart of the darkness? What was the answer? What was the escape?

The answer for Paul was to go single, keep recording, touring, and create Wings, which became legendary. The answer for John was to compete a little with Paul, and then to retreat into a happy home life. But we all know what the world does to popular, shiny, creative people when they retreat into apparent sissihood. The psychos of the world get it into their heads to follow them into their sancti sanctori, and kill them. I know this from years of experience. Somehow, it becomes fair game for the peace-loving geniuses of this world to become martyred meat for the masses, through the agency of a few deranged delegates, of sorts. That's what happened to John Lennon.

What happened to Paul McCartney, for choosing the more outward, public road? He had a great time, living for the world, being annoyingly quirky in private. He committed his loving wife to a career in the service of a man whom no one could deny. Being an entirely giving person, Linda McCartney consequently died of cancer.

When you strike out, the ones you love are killed. Sometimes by cancer. When you withdraw, others who love you kill YOU.

What did George Harrison do? He kinda took the middle road, less travelled. Consequently, both things happened to him. First, some crazy man broke into his house to attack him. Finally, George himself died of cancer.

Ringo was sick when he was growing up, and so I guess had a little more world-weary worldliness about him.

I have a tiny post coming up about the Beatles as BAD GUYS. But my health is really keeping me stumbling along at a snail's pace. If you've ever seen a snail stumble, then you know what I'm saying.

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