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Sunshine Cleaning / Radio Bumblehead

By now, I've seen all the good movies available at the library - and some bad ones.  But, I was happy to watch, "Sunshine Cleaning," today, which is a good movie.  I was surprised to see no Awards listed.  But, it starred award-winners: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin.  It was more of a light drama than a comedy.  "Delighfully heartbreaking."  Another quirky "family business" sketch, like, "Little Miss Sunshine," and made by the same folks.  Alan Arkin works well in these types of movies.

Compare it to, "Friends With Money," as the main character is also a maid, trying to fit in to the wealthier society of her old friends.  Compare it to, "Save the Date," as it focuses on two sisters dealing with life - one mature, one irresponsible, both both a little messed up.  This simple movie deals with real life, (and death).  It is made fun to watch by both Adams and Blunt.  Adams has great, easy expressiveness, and shows sadness well.  She is comparable to Rachel McAdams in this way, and in the caring, self-controlled, suffering optimist.  "The play of emotion on Amy Adams' face is the main reason to see Sunshine Cleaning."[9] You've also seen her in Arrival, which got her an award.

Emily Blunt is also great.  Her quirky movements sometimes reminded me of a younger Ellen Page in, "Juno."

At some point in the movie, you are waiting for something bad to happen.  It does.  It wasn't what I was expecting.  Nevertheless, the movie ends positively, and the Emily Blunt, or course, goes of on a road trip, tra la la.

ps - I took the dog out a little early, due to the approaching storm.  Pretty calm and dark, and eerie.  I watched the movement of the birds.  Maybe the Tripods are invading.  I guess a bird noticed this, because a little later he came out onto a branch and obviously chirped away at us.  It was a unique sound, or word.  It meant something.  Just then, the rain began.

I just now realised that my day-bed is a Faraday Cage.  It can protect me from large bursts of radiation.  Maybe.  A little.  I do know that it makes a great antenna, with all its bendy bits.  When I hold onto one of the bars, for some time, it helps relieve some CFS stress.  That is because it is grounding me.  We never walk barefoot anymore - meaning that we do not get good electrical grounding.  Consequently, static charges, and stress, build up, encouraging illness and alien invaders.  Well, in addition to my bed being a natural ground in itself, I have a wire connecting it to the copper pipes under the kitchen sinks.  That's an old radio-head trick.  It grounds my shortwave radio, which is connected to the bed, as well.  This helps reduce static reception.  It also helps bring in signals a little better.

Did you know that, if you watched old-time TV, and saw all the static dots on the screen, you were looking at cosmic signals from across the universe?  That includes microwave radiation, which has been bouncing about ever since the Big Bang.  Over 14 billion years ago.  So.  That was REALLY old-time TV you were watching.

On the subject of technology.  I picked up a dual cassette player/recorder from Goodwill, for $5.  When I took it home, the non-recording player wasn't working.  I figured a little belt had detached.  So, I opened it up - and I was right!  All I need is some superglue to make the thing as good as new.  But.  I cannot use this machine w/ my computer because it has no output for phones, of any kind(!)  I'll have to use it over at my stereo, where I have two other cassette decks.  Those are arranged, in a complicated way, to act as amplifiers for my DVD player, and so forth.  I'm not looking forward to dealing with the whole tangled web.
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