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Posted on 2017.03.17 at 09:24
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The US poverty challenge facing Donald Trump - VIDEO

Doctors could prescribe houses to the homeless under radical Hawaii bill

Abolish Class Inequality

Inmates are excluded from Medicaid – here’s why it makes sense to change that

‘Chemical agents’ used as 100+ officers quell 2 California prison riots

Trump Admin Scraps Plan To Abandon For-Profit Prisons — Stocks Hit Record High

How America counts its homeless – and why so many are overlooked

Give excess Army rations to homeless, says Frank Field MP

Ferguson-Area Cities "Terrorizing" Poor Through Modern-Day Debtors' Prisons: Federal Lawsuit

Minimum wage rises in 19 states & DC, but only some win fight for $15/hour

John Edwards, buried alive, speaks from beyond grave

Why I sleep in a fortress in the woods - VIDEO

Greek farmers clash with riot police in Athens over austerity

This city ended its homelessness problem, and saved money, by providing housing for every single resident - VIDEO

This House Was 3D Printed in Less Than 24 Hours

NaturalNews scoffs: INSANITY: Hawaii launches homeless bill that could allow doctors to “prescribe” homes as “treatment”

How to donate to causes: https://www.justgiving.com

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