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Earth Vibes - (Part 1)

More beautiful pics here: Flower power! California desert experiences a stunning super-rare wildflower 'superbloom' after years of drought

Recall my recent post on the advantages of organic agriculture. Note that I clearly admitted that Big Agra systems are economies of scale, which means that they are more efficient in some ways, specifically at overcoming system entropy. This means that, in some ways, Big Ag systems can be less harmful to the environment than decentralised organic farming. Having said this, I do not deny some advantages claimed by the following article, for Big Ag systems. However, in the global big picture, these advantages cost more than they save, for everyone concerned. ALSO - they are only temporary advantages.

So, the disadvantages outweigh these so-called advantages, in my learned opinion, especially when hi-technology can be used to improve organic agriculture. And, I have included a few other links below which similarly contradict the Big Ag claims. (The subject - the environmental and economic pros and cons of Big Ag versus Organic - requires a more lengthy, talky post, some day soon). Note that there are some questionable claims in this article, derived from what was probably a corporate-sponsored study, beginning with bullet-point three. Can't do a point-by-point right now. Please put on your critical hat.

Sorry Gwyneth: Organic food may be good for your health but it will not save the environment

Existing cropland could feed four billion more by dropping biofuels and animal feed

More flowers in this sadly ironic link: Pollution is killing our wild flowers: 'Thuggish' plants that thrive on nitrogen from fumes are overpowering more delicate species

Welcome to Pleistocene Park: Russian scientists reveal plan to restore part of Arctic Siberia to its Ice Age condition (complete with lab-grown woolly mammoths)

Swarms of robots, Iron Man exoskeletons and an app store for war: US Army reveals 'mad scientist' vision of conflict in 2025

Turning the red planet green: NASA proposes radical plan to surround Mars with a magnetic field to restore an 'Earth-like' atmosphere

Earth News - (PhysOrg.com)

Caught On Video: Man Brutally Beaten In Lower Manhattan As People Walk By

Lucy catches snowflakes with her tongue. (I think this is the viral video from Cindy in Wisconsin).

Maybe this is the same thing, maybe not. But...   (http://i.imgur.com/a9hklgX.gifv) - Not happy but sad,  Comment why this is sad.

Go here and there is some great stuff about animal consciousness, with videos.

Night-time in America's small towns

Night On Earth

Want to be happier and more focused? Then watch nature documentaries to instantly boost your mood
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