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Wee Hoosies

You've heard of the saying, "Here's the ONLY way to eat bacon!"? Well, here is the only way to travel Scotland! Bear the wind and buttocks, tramping through moors and brambles, up and down McGraw and Hill, stopping to sleep at tiny wee hoosies that the Banshees built. These old-style tiny houses are a lot like the ones I posted which were in the Hebrides, but were abandoned and falling apart, because there was not much local business for shepherding any more. Everybody wanted to go away and work at MacDonalds, the most powerful clan on all the Earth.

The problem I have with these stoic cottages is that, #1, I am not in Scotland, and could not ride a bike to them, and, #2, if I got to one, I would want to LIVE there, for like 5 years, eating nothing but thistles and famous Scottish potatoes, writing the tome that would one day make me famous: My last will and testament.

There are also a few tiny homes on some abandoned Scottish isles, asking for someone to come and live in them. I'd like that, but the cold ocean wind would burn through my hypothalamus, and I don't know how to grow oatmeal. But one day, maybe.

If Trump really wanted to do something that will get him into the Playboy Tower in the Clouds, he should start a works programme in the USA - and Scotland tyoo - whereby tens of thousands of tiny wee hoosies would be built - and I'm talking a little more lavish than a Port-o-Let or a slave's cubicle. These homes would carpet the land, like windmills, inviting weary travellers, homeless and Syrians to stop on by for a while and have a wee bit of weed, (and maybe even stay there forever or until the apocalypse). This would solve so many problems, especially rent, which is killing me.

Thoreau had the right-winged idea: Go into the woods, live in a single-residence trailer park, write about sounds in the night, like loons and exploding ice. Then, get paid for it when you are old and dead. That is the life for me! Oh, to be walled-in! WALDEN. | Thoreau's Cabin | Simplicity | BUILD ONE! | Walden Woods Project

Or over Blooming Dales!...

Bothies - remote shelters in the wilderness where walkers can spend the night free of charge - have long been one of Scotland's best-kept secrets. A new book has revealed the location of 80 of the mountain huts.

See it all: Bothy-bagging: Scotland's best-kept secrets revealed

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