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I am the person who will destroy China.


As you may recall, I often listen to the regional Farm Show every early morning. It has a few little things worth listening to. But it also has about 5 different people, (like the infamous Max Armstrong), who not only advocate for GMO, TPP, pesticides, meat, big corporations, etc., but actively spout political rants against the Humane Society, Democrats, non-GMO people, and organic farming and buying. They don't realise how insulting they are, relishing their own spite, calling everybody who doesn't agree with them as being, "unscientific." Note that virtually all of these same people also deny global warming, (or anthrogenic climate change).

This morning, same old thing: Some guy claimed that organic farming was bad, and non-organic farming was far better, but provided no scientific back-up for these claims. Based upon this groundless foundation, he argued that people who supported organic agriculture were irrational and unscientific - and dangerous to our health and our economy!

Organic farming and buying are the healthiest, most booming sectors of our economy. This refusal of people to eat crap is gradually bringing down prices for organic foods, making them not only morally, but economically, competitive with globalist, Monsanitised, Big Ag food. In this, what is being proved to be at fault is the whole, massive entrenched structure of Big Ag, trade middlemen, commercial processors and global investors - along with its established, demanding, "standard value grid."*

These Big Agrocrats are, for one thing, going on about their own personal, "morals." They are proud, for example, of their ability to just say, "No!" To resist the pressure of the immoral horde. To say no to people in want or need, because want and need are actually moral deficiencies. They like to be seen at church a lot. They are very much for family values, (especially made-in-America families). They hate those militant Atheists, which actually don't exist. Funny, we cannot deem these people insane, but they've got the game stacked.

And they like to exclaim how everyone must be free to get all the money they can. That's their big, "Yes!"

But, on the scale of REALITY, these people support the very immorality which they claim to be personally above. Just like the militant Libertarians demanding freedom for the little guy, who always end up bringing more and more money to the BIG GUYS - while at the same time being paid for this hypocrisy - the Big Agrocrats keep harping about the freedoms of the American Farmer. But who they really mean, and who is paying for their radio time, is BIG AGRA, and related Big Pharma, and other megalithic parasites. You cannot have a lot of BIG BUSINESS without destroying LITTLE BUSINESS, and small towns, and families, and jobs, and futures.

In fact, Big Agrocrats support multinational corporations, who's profit is not responsible to America - American jobs, health, or values. These corporations move capital around the world to no one's advantage but their own. They are underwritten by stockholders overseas. They seek trade agreements which allow them to pollute, sue, control, exploit the resources and people inside countries, including our own. They produce dangerous products which they proliferate in countries like India, making independent farmers so dependent on them that there results waves of mass suicides. They send waves of pollution through the air and waters, and contaminate organic crops with GMO poisons and pesticides - which they blame on the organic farmers.

They also, en masse, seek to invade all of our privacy through so-called "trade" agreements.

These mega-corps are gaining rights as SUPER-PEOPLE, allowed to shout or lobby louder - and yet without a trace. They manipulate political campaigns in other countries, including our own. Forget this who sham of a Trump_Russia scandal: "Citizens' United," (etc.), has assured that far worse has been legalised in widespread campaign financing by China, and other governments. THAT is the real problem which you are being led away from recognising.

The "treaties" that these companies create and control increase economic growth in some sectors, for a few years, and take away growth in others. Example: Thunder Bay, Canada, (see Wiki). Later, widespread jobs are lost to the general economic downturn. Such downturns occurred as a result of, "Free" Trade LONG BEFORE THE INFLUENCE OF RISING AUTOMATION. And it is the business around the coasts and the borders who get most of the business, while Middle America falls even deeper into decline.

Family values? Like, "scientific," GMO genes and enzymes destroying our gut biota and causing chronic sensitivities, illness, and cancer? Like pesticides on our food, and dead zones in the oceans, where our fish are contaminated? Like pushing for government to enhance status quo economics of scale even more, such that small farmers and homeowners are bought away or pushed off their land at an even stronger pace? Again, such freedom-mentalists demands rights to say, "No!" to gays, LGBT and minorities, but it is perfectly fine and scientific to destroy the lives of Native Americans to put a sludge-line through, rich with toxic heavy metals, when such lines are ALWAYS LEAKING?

On the other hand, investment in ORGANIC farming - a booming American business sector - counters these economic and moral hemorrhagings. Despite the propaganda and obfuscation that has been widely floated through the Big Media, organic food is HEALTHIER for people, being free of standard pesticides; being better endowed with minerals like sulphur AND in their natural form; being free of GMO and related, and tending to have more vitamins and micronutrients. It is just like with chickens who are free-ranged, etc.: A plant which has had a happier, more robust life is going to be a more nutritious plant!

American families benefit from organic produce because it is HEALTHIER - but also because it is healthier for the local economies. Organic food tends to be regionally grown - or locally grown - creating local and regional jobs and businesses. Extra stability! It also requires less investment into fertilisers and other chemicals derived from hydrocarbons, thus reducing dependence on foreign and Big Oil, both of which are better at pilfering away capital. Organic produce is almost always made-in-America, meaning that less jobs are lost through, "Free Trade Treaties." Organic agriculture is independent and free and very, very American! About as ideally Puritan as a body can be.

And, what is more? According to this recent study from the United Nations, Big Ag practices, like pesticides, do not hold any economic advantage over burgeoning organic agriculture, especially in the longer-term. Some may say, "Well what does the Communistical U.N. know?! They are globalists!" But I think that this is a very important, and ANTI-globalist, report!

Pesticides are NOT Needed to Feed the World, Says New UN Report

The argument for the extreme overuse of agrichemicals in global industrial farming is that supposedly without the advances made by Monsanto and other chemical giants, the world would starve. We need products like glyphosate, terminator seeds and genetically modified foods to feed so many people, they say, but this is really nothing more than a popular myth, pushed on the public as part of a marketing effort to convince people who thousands of years of organic agricultural history is outdated and inadequate for the times we live in today.

The contemporary industrial model has many problems associated with it, including the poisoning of the environment, widespread disease and cancer associated with agrichemicals, the pollution of bodies of water with fertilizers, the depletion of quality topsoil, and the as of yet unknown long-term effects of tinkering with plant genetics.

According to a new report by the United Nations (UN), continuing to adhere to this model of agriculture is guaranteed to bring about catastrophic consequences, and that organic farming is in fact the best way to feed an ever-growing world.


One third of Wisconsin's dairy produce goes into export, largely to China. I believe most of our soybeans are going to Asia. A huge amount of our chicken is sent to China. When the U.S. dollar is high, it is easy to think that these are good things, because we need to export more. But, what is going on here is that these agricultural exports are being manufactured and controlled by giant mega-farms and mega-corps, which are not committed to Americans, but to their success in the global economy. These are the very same operations trying to force small farms and families out of business.

When Latin America was trying to develop, (and is still), it has certain export sectors of its economies which were doing quite well: Cocoa, coffee, bananas, oil, sugar, etc. And yet, overall, the economies of Latin American countries were always just limping along. Crashing. Turning to socialism for help. Why was this?! It was because all of the producers were working with and through, and "trading" with, American-dominated mega-corporations, (which are now globalist mega-corporations). The terms of trade were skewed, and it was only a handful of government and company elites, in Latin America, who actually benefitted economically.

Meanwhile, throngs of farmers across Latin America were forced off of their land, then lured into the big cities, by the promises of riches coming from television and radio. They never got rich, they never caught up, overall. Instead, they ended up in Favellas, wracked by poverty, disease, violence, and political/governmental force.

That is what is happening to our country, becoming an economic colony, not so much to China, but to the giant corporations who have become entirely GLOBAL, (many of whom focus on China). But, we cannot see this yet, because our dollar is so high, compared to the rest of the world. We are no longer exporting steel, and typewriters, and textiles, and so on, as we once did, almost unilaterally. Currently, we do not see that an entire, fundamental strata of our economy, AGRICULTURE, has fastly been moving into becoming a COLONIAL economy, at the control of mega-corporations, both at home, and globally.

When the U.S. dollar finally drops, the chickens will eventually come home to roost, and these globalist corporations will step in to assert their maximum control of this and other export markets, and resources such as water, minerals, wood, oil - in addition to corn, wheat, milk, soy, rice, etc. There is a great expansion of a, "middle class," in China, India, and elsewhere, for the time being. (For what time we have left). That rapidly demand will compel poised global corporations to exploit our need for foreign cash, by augmenting Big Ag here, and the associated expulsion of local families, land owners, jobs, and control.

Then, not only are the little guys expended in this way, but so are entire nations, as the USA has been doing to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia, etc., over their failure to use the petrodollar, or by Monsanto seeds, and so on. The EXPENDENCY whic the USA has inflicted on others will on day come back upon it, from the global economy, and militaries. And it will be the little guys who will, once again, pay the price, with their lives. I have already postsed a lot about how so many rich and techie elites are moving south of the equator, to islands, or into bunkers, because they see this coming.

BTW, this is how the corruption grows - from this growth of top-down economics/politics. You cannot quash corruption without addressing this larger economic problem.

It is these petty agro-moralists I have discussed above, who are working to advance this process, in service of globalist corporate kings, through the assistance of bastard politicians. Just see how Trump's promise to help the American, "little guy," has been turned into something completely opposite, as he bows to entrenched interests, billionaire friends, failed economic theory, the GOP, and his own blithering stupidity.

I tuned into Toronto's (740AM), "Conspiracy Show," last night. One called said that no one had ever really explained to him why GLOBALISM is such a bad thing. The host answered that CAPITAL hates boundaries - borders. So, big companies wanting to exploit more capital actively seek to tear down all the borders, for easier, faster, bigger economic activity, (FOR THEMSELVES). While there have been some advantages to this, there are also dangers, such as the expansion of foreign corporations into our own life, health and privacy - and self-determination.

What he failed to say was that very capital was, in so doing, pushing to accumulate in fewer and fewer hands, in more and more centralised pools - the pools for the privileged: The privileged to all the latest technology, healthcare, food, fantasy, and so on. That means LESS AND LESS to the expanding masses. Within America, there will be expanding masses of the poor, just like those in Latin America, and everywhere else, because we are being sold over to a CORPORATIST GLOBALISM, losing the boundaries, along with the laws and the protections.

What most economists do not understand is that vital economy is DERIVED from societies and politics UPHOLDING BORDERS. Setting, quantifying values, currency rates, prices, wages, territory, tariffs, values, MORALS: these are all the fundamentals of economics. When you strip away the borders, and the regulations, what you get is a loss of mass economy, and a rise of capital-for-the-already-powerful, by any means. Ultimately, that shift to the top ends up in one thing: A complete loss of economics to the law of physical FORCE. We see it already in the many little wars all over the place, associated with poverty and climate change. But,if things keep going on in this insane direction, we have yet to see the very end of civilisation itself.

And, certainly, as the planet goes, so shall we.

Bowing down to jungle economics is a bowing down to the final predator. We can't do this. (See also tags).

* - My term. More on it in later posts.
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