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"Save The Date": A pleasant, or droll, Indie B-Movie.

Posted on 2017.03.09 at 14:02
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So, I have watched this movie a few times. I have seen the bonus stuff, and I have read the IMDB reviews, I have compared it to other films like, "Slackers," "Playing By Hearts," and, "No Strings Attached," - and also to the other films from the same producer: "Garden State," "Waitress," and, "The Kids Are All Right."

This movie, "Save The Date," is a really great movie to pick apart, study, and critique. So, before I even get into it, I thought it might be nice to recommend to you all to check it out. It is a Sundance-approved Indie Romantic Comedy. There can be such a lot to be said about this movie, good or bad. Why don't you see it first, and see what you think - before you even go to trailers or IMDB?! Cool?! Yeah. See the movie and see what you think!

Right now, I am in the middle of an extreme assault from the crazy man downstairs. Sleep is wanting. It would be unrealistic of me to think that I can proceed with any kind of writing - of any value.

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