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I am the person who will destroy China.

Going to extremes.

This is an odd little grab-bag post.First of all, The TED Radio hour just did a show largely about the hubris of science.  THE SPRIT OF INQUIRY.   We make a mistake when we think we know it all. And it is worse when we use science or medicine to this end. When technocrats get this way - including rich techie entrepreneurs - then you can bet that the next big collapse of technology and science will soon be on its way. Think: Lamarkism in the USSR; 16-17th century Spain; Arabic civilision; Easter Island; The Maya and so forth; The Library of Alexandria; "Atlantis"; Luddism, NAZIism, etc.

The really big clamp-downs on progressive thinking and tools, as after a country invades and pillages another, or when cities start collapsing for environmental reasons, we don't even have the means to know much about. But, there were probably technologically "advanced" civilisations extant from 13,000-20,000 years ago - and maybe some even earlier. And, maybe even, there might have ben a very advanced civilisation on Mars, long ago, which was wiped out by some kind of nuclear event. Nuclear wars, and massive solar CME's, are the worst.

In fact, when you think about it, it's kind of a miracle that life on Earth has managed to develop this far, with all the peltings by asteroids and comets and solar/cosmic radiation, plus climate changes, and silly human race. Seriously. Remember that brain size is no indication of intelligence. Nor are tools. Dinosaurs may have been really smart, in a brutish kind of way. No doubt, dolphins kick our ass when it comes to sense and sensibility. Kinda sad that the gig is pretty much up, but I digress...

Well, here we have Donald Trump coming in and stupidly stumping and stomping on science, mainly because he is a brutish business man. I saw this coming, when Rounder, the business millionaire, was elected as governor in Illinois, and even before that - when Kochs controlled Walker, and so on. These are the last gasps of failed Reaganomics, and the first breaths of a new techno-feudal order. It is not feasible to run the government as if it were a (vulture-capital) business! An attitude of forced austerity only tries to suffocate the very popular spirit and authority upon which government is premised. Human beings want to EXPAND - they are more than disposable consumers or workers.

Mr. Know-It-All Knucklehead, Trump, thinks that expanding our military by 50 billion dollars, will somehow answer the most important question which happens not to exist. By sending $50 billion into, basically, a hole in the ground - THIS will be good for America's future. Not going to happen. It will benefit the military-industrial complex in the short term, and it will further the separation of the rich and poor, sinking our entire ship in the end.

Think what it would mean to put $50 billion into direct scientific research. Research that will help solve future economic decline. Instead, this "investment" will make us weaker in the longer term. And how is it going to be paid for? It can only be possible by cutting into so-called, "entitlements", and the EPA - (not that the EPA has not been in need of a revamp). (Trump has promised not to reduce, but to increase, Social Security). But the real problem is this: one-upmanship! MAD! A day or so after Trump announced this planned increase in the global military juggernaut, what happened? China announced that it will also be expanding it's military! Great. Great fucking great.

Because. Listen. As Trump likes to say, "Don't fight unless you plan to win!" That's absolutely true - and that is something I have learnt very well in my real world. Don't announce where or when you are going to hit. Don't give yourself away. Otherwise, you are just playing some infantile game of words. Granted, he has done a better job at not announcing his military intentions than did Obama and Clinton. But, his fault is his narcissism, which keeps contradicting this rational stance. So, he keeps taking credit for everything, and he spits and spats like a 4th-grader. That keeps on betraying him. This bespeaks big problems in the future. Sorry for the switch of indefinite pronouns.

Lately, Trump has announced that Obama spied on him in October. Well, guess what, kids. I have a hard time that Obama did NOT spy on him in October. It is a GIVEN that Obama spied on him in October. If you don't know that by now, I don't know where your head is at. But, Trump announces this, giving himself away. Opening himself up to attack. Because, presidents have no right to listen to the CIA, etc., right? Not only do I guarantee you that Obama, who spied on Merkel, and OCCUPY, and YOU AND ME, what did Obama say in response? "We never spied on any American citizen." Now, if that does not convince you that Obama is a fucking snake, nothing will.

But, the point is, unlike Obama, Trump keeps giving himself away, even while he supposedly argues against doing as much. This is why he has garnered so many vehement opponents from the left. He sucks as a politician, which is great for the far-right who support him, and with whom I have sympathies, (as I have sympathies for the far-left).

Don't give yourself away! Don't speak of your intentions! Why? Because this sham planet is full of decrepit, opportunistic bastards who seem driven to do nothing more than undercut anyone they can have a go at. In group, they do it by back-stabbing and back-biting and gossipping and so on. As politicians, they exploit the media, which, for some reason, is all-knowing in the minds of most Americans. Journalists know that they can make bucks by exposing anything wich can be made to appear morally extreme or insane. The mainstream media is a fake-news parasite which encourages mass insanity, yars.

Going to extremes. This has evolved in the religions of many places. Naturally, going to extremes hurts and kills your body, and so, society. Easy enough. But, there is another reason why going to extremes is forbodden in most religions, who need your abidance and your money. It is because human beings so easilly exploit extremists, as a way to better place them, politically and powerfully, in the status-quo mainstream. If you go to extremes - and if you PLAY WITHOUT WINNING - then you will be fucked.

Giving yourself away is a form of extremism, in a conservative society. A conservative society is usually not what it claims to be. In fact, a conservative society is very progressive and active at attacking difference - attacking those at the extremes or margins, which includes everyone who thinks for themselves, (pardon the incorrect grammar). The problem with the violently anti-Trump left is that they are giving away their ideational GPS coordinates, setting themselves up for failure - not just from the GOP aristocracy, but from the general public, who are so stupid that they turn off to any kind of physical dissent.

Here we see the farce of Trump's narcissism inviting the blow-back from neo-Puritan narcissistic protesters. It all basically boils down to differing views on Christianity. Which. Let's not edify Christianity. Which boils down to a human problem. Ya gets a lot of wealth, and that wealth is taken away, so this is what yer gonna end up with. It is as fixed as the stars, y'alls.

So. Now, I want to look at, "ecofascism." Because, this is a good example of how violent extremism defeats its own purposes, by galvanizing opponents from the opposite end of the political spectrum. Once again, this is largely because the American people so easilly, pompously, put them selves in opposition of any kind of violence, right or wrong.

So, here is the Wikipedia stuff - uhhh...  ECOFASCISM.

So, I want to insert that the whole anti-Trump movement is missing the point, and setting itself up for quashing, because it has not been listening to the voices of ALL Americans. What it has been listening to, in an era where expectations of everyone have DRASTICALLY changed, has been its own wants and ideals and PC Puritanical claims - which I have sympathies with - but which, taken to extreme, are only indicators of Trump-like narcissism, doomed to fail.

Assuredly, I will write another post about how an extremist revolt may WIN! But, please temper your hopes, because that is not now - and it possible will not be now for a few decades. On the other hand, I hope for a progressive movement in 2018. I have to tell you, and am happy to tell you - I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. Climate change will assuredly compel a successful progressive (reactionary) movement within a few decades.

For the most part, in a status-quo society, acting extremely is a mistake. It gives yourself away, and allows you to be swallowed up by attackers and the main-stream. But, if you say you want a revolution, then, you are probably going to need some radical new technology working for you - like the printing press for Thomas Paine. We ain't gonna get that shit the way things are going. This goes off into some other future post.

It is a toss-up, as far as to whether living moderately is a biological imperative, or a socio-political palliative. We're all pretty much in the same bag. As far as the greater ineptitude of everything, we are all basically the same person. You know how some people say, "Those damn Mormons," or, "Those damn Catholics," or, "Them damn Jews!" - ?

It's all us.

It's always been all about us.

You want to kill the Trumpianism presidency, without knowing the enemy? You're full of shit.

KNOW THE FUCKING ENEMY. Read their shit. God!!!!!!! You are sending us off to the slaughter by your childish war of words, instead of working for monumental changes.

OK - the first thing I have to add is that I have been harping on about the limits of science for many years. Research my tags. AND. The same hubris that elected Trump to be Trump, or Obama to be Obama, is the hubris that makes science untenable, most markedly via its funding sources. It is the same hubris, of the apple-tantalised American public, at large. You. It has to do with you.

So - anyway - there is one OUT against any clamp-down on scientific or progressive thinking. It is this:

As a Noetic organism, we inspire each other with ideas and innovations, as does the entire universe. As this goes, you should be fucking amazed and thankful that you are any part of it at all. I have posted about this fantasmic existential orgasm at length, days of future and past. Ideas spring out of nowhere and nobody thinks to credit them to the wonder of the psychic human species, in the wondrous universe. Instead, we insert selfish capitalism. And, that is why religion, against state, ends up being a good thing.

The fact that scientific discoveries oddly tend to occur at the same nodes in history, sometimes as if psychically, is a harbinger against the possibility of technology and society being fully demolished, by its own top-heavy hubris.

So, to conclude this post. As Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge,"...

All I hope to do is to tweak the imagination of just one of you - enough to change this bullshit world. If you don't like that, then lets have a dysphoric miasma of impotent human will. Yes. Surely this is what we aspire to. Call it extreme. It is.S

o, anyway...  It is nice that I am hearing people on the radio machine questioning science, and mentioning the hubris associated with it.  It is the same hubris which is in the heads of politicians, and gets us into wars.  Because we tyhink we know it all.

The other day, I came up with this idea: The reason why there is an apparently permanent difference between quantum (micro) theory and Einstein's (macro) relativity is because of our assumption of TIME.  Our local time distorts how we observe, and how we measure.  I am sure I have had this thought in the past, but it was all well laid out for me, the other day.  The very next day, yesterday, I was listening to TED Radio, and they bring up this point.  A certain philosopher of science proposes that the reason why there is a difference between the two main theoies, micro and macro, is because of TIME.  My very same thought!  And they were holding this guy up to be some kind of intellectual genius, because of it!  You see...  Our thoughts are all dancing around together in our universal static.  We pull them out like rabitts from a hat.  Making origami of the universe.
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