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* - galaxy

Words play.

Posted on 2017.02.24 at 19:12
Two gigglies, heard on the news.

Sound clip. Donald Trump speaking to crowd, in simple sentences, with a big-daddy tone. He was telling them that the jobs would be coming back. Explaining it as if to children. "Jobs will be coming back to Pennsylvania! And... Jobs will be coming back to Michigan! And..."

It was like he was playing with a little baby's toes. "And THIS little piggy will be going home!" "And THIS little piggy will be going home!" And the bubbly baby laughs and coos. "Yay for Trump!"

"And these little jobs will be going: 'wee, wee, wee', all the way home!"

Also: Report about that shooter who yelled, "Get out of my country!" One guy was charged with premeditated murder. The other guy was charged with attempted premeditated murder.

"Attempted premeditated murder"?! So, that means the guy attempted to premeditate, but it just didn't happen? "Well, he didn't plan any kind of murder, but let's accuse him of this kind of murder anyway."

Seriously, it is just a mistake in the language, of course, but still. If you want to get legalistically technical about it, whoever is accused of this crime could argue out of it based on the semantics.

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