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Posted on 2017.02.21 at 13:32
I am only writing this post in order to place a notice in my tags.

While revising a few tags, LJ did something really weird on my revision of "presidents - obama - barack" (to "presidents - obama barack obama).  First, it didn't register the change.  When I tried it one more time, it asked me, "Are you sure?" - as if I was making a duplicate tag.  I went ahead with it, and it turns out that this tag has been deleted.   For the tag, I had about 50 links to my posts - which is about everything I've written re: Obama.  These no longer exist!

Eventually, I will find posts where I need to put in an obama tag, but there will never be 50 again.  This is disappointing, because I value tags for research purposes, for me and others.  And it makes me suspicious that the gov't MIGHT be up to something, in general.  Sins going on under the Obama deep state are continuing under the Trump deep state.  Today, the NYT advocated silencing of "fake news" sites.  I have no idea.  LJ is always screwy, so it might be that.

I am boiling hot under these comforters and hats...  with coffee...  damn it.

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