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Dustmites. Yeast. Wheat. = ASTHMA

This is my first post specifically devoted to asthma - but its about a whole cauldron of stuff, really.

Draw a Ven Diagram, with three circles.  There may be three big influences in the development of asthma: Stress; genetic predisposition, and environment.  But, we all know how these things really are conjoined, like stress and genetics in EPIGENETICS.  And, toxins in the environment may attack health and genes, making one more susceptible, while allergens in the environment come in as a kind-of consequence of previous encounters or toxins.  Its similar with CFS.  Lots of chronic illnesses share this somewhat warped Ven Diagram.

We know that one vector in urban situations often comes from cockroaches.  I am sure that pollutants is another one.  But, other less known vectors or allergens are dust mites; a certain kind of yeast, and a newly-studied protein in wheat.

"Although cockroaches, flies, ants and termites are pests people commonly associate with homes, said Anne Madden, a postdoctoral researcher and microbiologist at North Carolina State University, they also uncovered an entire food web based on plant-hoppers and aphids (Madden called them “the antelope of the savanna of our homes”) living on house plants, complete with aphid-killing parasitic wasps (the lions)."

First, let us look at dust mites: Why Do Dust Mites Seem to Shun the Western U.S.?

Let me mention something about my dog.  He is having a problem which looks like Mange.  I have discovered that it is not so much the mites themselves which cause mange, but the bacteria which they carry.  Mites can carry various pathogens, including fungus/yeast, as they do in destructive diseases of bats and bees.  Mites may also carry a variety of allergens, especially amongst these pathogens.  All it takes is a one small protein, considered to be erratic by some sensitised organism or person.  In mange, antibiotics or antifungals may work better than insecticides, (or even antihistamines).  And so it may be with other illnesses.

Now, let's look at new research on a certain kind of yeast: Yeast found in babies' guts increases risk of asthma. Not only were some biota found to be helpful against asthma - others were found that encourage it. I think this is because we are all balancing, in our niches in nature and society, good influences against bad, just trying to stay afloat, like every other creature. We are largely massive cruise ships for the various biota within us, who are constantly duking it out with each other. If we slip, we might make it easier for the bad guys, and this can snowball into severe illness. Here is a rough little example of the little war that has been going on all around us, (often between animals/bacteria and FUNGI):

Three-way dance between herbivores, plants and microbes unveiled

In CFS, I believe there is a huge, destructive role played by Candida Yeast, which has THREE forms. One form is a spiralling, burroughing form, which goes beyond the gut and into the bloodstream and all other organs. It produces toxins like formaldehyde and vinegar - and I believe it competes with body cells for sugar, oxygen and other nutrients. It contains receptors similar to our very own serotonin receptors! And it resembles gluten! But, really, all it needs to do is carry protein allergens into the bloodstream, for all hell to break loose, inside the body and beyond the blood-brain barrier. An infestuous allergen, like this, is enough to provoke asthma, as well, especially given predispositions. But, having a Candida yeast infection may be, itself, a predisposer to other illnesses such as asthma.

(Most doctors do not agree with this, "Yeast Connection," {by William G. Crook - see tags - his bio in Wikipedia no longer exists}, and see it as quackery. But there is a germ of truth to it - and more has been learnt since it was so dramatically debunked decades ago).

Finally, the subject of a newly studied wheat protein. No, it's not gluten! This, btw, is good news for everyone who suffers from health problems from wheat, even where there is no gluten. It is the beginning of legitimisation of their illnesses...

New study links protein in wheat to the inflammation of chronic health conditions
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