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gaga VF

Don't want no beautiful homeless people round these parts.

Posted on 2017.02.15 at 14:22
AZ investigates ‘unlicensed’ cosmetology student over free haircuts for homeless
American Mirror - Montesdeoca, a Tucson cosmetology student, received notification that he’s now under investigation by the state board after he offered free haircuts to the homeless in late January, a mission he took upon himself after his Regency Beauty school closed in September, Tucson News Now reports…. Montesdeoca set up shop at Santa Rita Park and has given dozens of free haircuts to the less fortunate over the past few months. Montesdeoca also reached out to others on Facebook to solicit their help for “free haircuts, nails, medical and love for our homeless people in need, on the streets” for a special Jan. 28 event near the downtown library, according to a flyer for the event highlighted by KVOA…. Montesdeoca’s charity work, however, was cut short when he received a copy of an anonymous complaint to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology submitted through the agency’s online system on Jan. 26…. Arizona State Board of Cosmetology executive director Donna Aune refused to discuss Montesdeoca’s situation, and instead pointed to a state statute that states “A person shall not perform or attempt to perform cosmetology without a license or practice in any place other than a licensed salon,” Tucson News Now reports. Aune alleged it’s a “real risk” to receive a free haircut from an unlicensed cosmetologist because of safety and sanitation issues.

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