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I am the person who will destroy China.

Terence McKenna versus the Technocratic Control Matrix

"Don't even listen to NPR..."

He did a lot of drugs.  But, there was a time in my life when I did marijuana, and I ran straight for the notebook, to record my really amazing insights.  (Once again: that multi-million-dollar notebook was stolen and lost in Madison.  It is now lost beneath a pile of urban garbage).

Terance McKenna, having a name not far removed from my own lineage, was a pot-head - but at least he THOUGHT.  At least he searched for answers!  Anyone who attempts as much will be sure to find at least a 20% valuable return - which shall comfort them on their death-bed, if not in their obituaries, or tombstones, yars.

Yes, he came up with some strange pseudoscience. But why does it have to be called, "pseudoscience"? Why can it not just be called, "philosophy." After all, SCIENCE is also a philosophy, yars. Let it be clear: I decidedly despise creepy old smelly hippies. But, now that he is dead, at least we can deal with his thought in the cleanliness of our own inner sanctums. Am I wrong in this?!

My coverage of this dastardly, profligate thinker is in concord with past and future posts. So, be sure to comprehend his philosophy, when you go to WikiPedia, yars. Groovy.

Terence McKenna’s Explanation of Why Our Culture is Killing Itself

WikiPedia: Terence McKenna
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