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"A Carbon Dividend Plan" - (and other important eco-stuff).

I heard this story on NPR's, "Living on Earth."

"Conservatives could support a carbon tax if it also reduced EPA regulations and made payments to consumers to offset the costs, say advocates led by Republican elder statesmen, including former Secretary of State James Baker. They have proposed an ambitious Carbon Dividend plan that could entice bipartisan support, pay families $2000 a month, and cut greenhouse gas emissions more than Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Co-author Ted Halstead of the Climate Leadership Council explains its appeal and mechanics to host Steve Curwood."

Also see the Washington Post: A group of prominent Republicans has an excellent plan to fight climate change

One irony is that the GOP, so slow to move on climate change, (to say the least), ends up being the party who sponsors this kind of progressive, bi-partisan proposal. But, that is because a lot of the GOP understand the paradoxical strategy of rule-by-negativity first, and then control-after-conquest. It is sad to watch Democrats defeating themselves, to this, while also making endless noise about Donald Trump. Sneakilly, while the Dems are off guard, the GOP starts passing the legislation.

What happened with the Dems' strategies, with Obamacare, Gitmo, TPP, wars in the Middle East, anti-Russia - and a carbon tax? All undermined and undone by the GOP, because Dems assumed they'd win in 2016, they pushed without bipartisan support, and they loosened the voting rules in the Senate. By dropping Bernie, they shot themselves in the foot. It is almost as sadly farcical as Donald Trump himself.

And another irony is that, while the Dems helped get the Trump GOP elected, it will be Trump who will soon enough alienate many of the GOP, and fuel a Democratic and/or progressive resurgence in 2020. Back and forth, back and forth. I can't really say what depth and practicality such a resurgence will have. I do suspect the GOP will lose a lot of seats in a noisy 2018.

So - as far as this, "Carbon Dividend," goes - it sounds good! Tax carbon polluters 35-50 dollars per carbon tonne released.

Next: Great idea to pay out the same amount to every American, rich or poor, whatever they do with their energy or money. Possibly $2,000 each - even better than in Alaska. (Of course, don't believe every promise). How better to seriously begin the concept of a Universal Living Wage, (with GOP support), which is something we NEED to do, if we are going to reduce production, and hand over jobs to Asia and robots? And paying out money to average Americans is better than big corporations and governments getting the money, right?

The guy that explained the concept on L.O.E., sounded pretty fair and positive. But I will tell you this... Beware. Maybe the plan is good, but beware. It is being peddled to small-business, little-guy libertarians, but it might indeed unfairly benefit certain large corporations, elites and countries. As I see it, here's how that might happen:

One stipulation of the plan would be to let off the hook past or ongoing polluters from law suits or fines, (kinda like in "free-trade" deals). What in God's name would be the sense in that, one would hastilly posit? Well, the idea is by offering this CARROT to Big Oil, and everyone else, it would not only invite them to support the deal - it would also help everyone to, "move on," (kinda like not persecuting past presidents for war crimes). After all, the whole point is to progress into a new age of this well-oiled plan, which cannot possibly fail.

That is part one of the possible boondoggle. Part two would be this: If we impose carbon taxes here in the USA, but other countries do not impose the same sort of taxes in their countries, then USA BIG OIL can simply send their oil to those countries - sell it there, and escape the USA carbon taxes. Big Oil, Big Agra, Big Everything. The answer to this greedy opting out is this: "Those other countries will also eventually adopt similar carbon taxes, and everything will work out in the end." No, there will not only end up being many countries and politicians who will offer reduced carbon taxes in order to invite business into their phila-filthia environment, there will be countries who simply do not go along with the scheme - as always happens. And which countries do you think certain GOP and corporations are already in discussion with, with big plans of making it rich?

Not a shabby deal - when certain corporations, (and all associated), can escape fines and also do business in irresponsible countries. I am not saying that this GOP, "Carbon Dividend," proposal cannot possibly work. I am saying that it represents another manifestation of Republican economic theorising which almost always ends up being turned into a vast system benefitting certain parties, (corporations, elites and politicians), once it gets brokered and voted on by the same old, status-quo combination of NeoCon and NeoLiberal Blue-Dog Dems and RINO Republicans, who comprise the political head of the Faux Middle. Instead of a deal to benefit the average American, it would most probably be made into something which soon-enough invites inflation, corruption, and the further extraction and transfer of wealth - not just in America, but globally.

I am not saying that this attractive plan would end up being worse than a "liberal" version for carbon-use taxation - but it very well might. And it very well might be preferable to have a big carbon-tax bureaucracy than it would to have an even larger globalising corporate-driven plutocracy than we have now. We already know that governments better represent people's interests in better environment, health and welfare, in contrast to the automatic, money-making nature of large corporations. Thus, were we to even use the GOP plan, with lots of precautions built in, it might nevertheless tend to devolve towards being an abusive tyranny. So - beware.

Just sayin'.

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Environmental Destruction
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