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I am the person who will destroy China.

Bungle in the Jungle

Almost every weekday morning at five:AM, I have the "Farm Show" playing on the FM radio-machine.  I don't do it as much as I used to, partly because my radios are too loud to be near to, all because of the creep downstairs, who is a psychopath, which is the worst kind of animal.  But, without fail, every morning, there are two, three, sometimes as many as four little reports on how GMOs are good for us; how people who disagree with this are unfortunate idiots; how Monsanto is being persecuted by healthy food advocates; how environmental protesters only want attention, and have nothing better to do with their lives; how the TPP is (was) the best thing for the economy ever, since it is so good for BIG AG; how pesticides are not only a good thing, but they are on sale today at a discount; how Climate Change is a big con-game by stupid scientists, and so on.

Oh.  And they like to blame the Humane Society, and the ASPCA, (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), for persecuting the USDA, (U.S. Department of Agriculture), over the rights of farm animals not to be abused.  Apparently, the Humane Society is worse than PETA - worse than Earth First! - worse than Students for a Democratic Society - ("Therefore, National Students for a Democratic Scciety calls for a day of action on February 15th to resist Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant executive orders and agenda").

It is rather aggravating, this (nation-wide) content, especially when one knows that even if normal people, or Democrats, or urban people, or humane people and non-farmers, are not hearing any of this, at five o:clock in the morning, it is still quietly trickling up to become Republican policy - from state to state, from Wisconsin to Washington DC. From tractor to Trump.

You may know that, with the installation of Trump, there was a whitewashing of the EPA's website. You can search online for that story. I saw this beginning when the same thing happened in Wisconsin. Government sites were recently scrubbed of any acknowledgement of global warming. This occurred that, despite this apparent political, top-down censorship, Wisconsin has been in the forefront in dealing progressively with climate change! But... The virus spreads...

USDA removes online database that included animal abuse; activists cry foul - (reddit commenters react).

Remember that autistic woman, who did TED talks, and etc., who successfully advocated for improved conditions for cattle who are being lead to the slaughter? It would be nice if that great lady came back into prominence today. I mean, the cattle are already being slaughtered - we are already killing them - and all that people like the Humane Society want to do is to see that agricultural animals lead a somewhat decent life while they are the way to the slaughter? How much is that to ask? How radical and revolutionary and threatening can that be - (other than to the easy profit margins of a dying mega-industry)?

There are a few things I like about the morning "Farm Show" - like their spot with TalkRadio News Svc., etc. It is aired over about 5 stations in the area. The owner of this regional radio corporation is also the host of the Farm Show. He is a really bright, nice, fun, conservative guy - who nonetheless likes his creature comforts. Maybe that's why he advertises for a local strip club - a manly meat market.

While listening, I sometimes fall asleep, and dream about conversing with him. Then he becomes the most irritating, demonic person I have even met - because he never shuts his mouth to let me talk! Possibly, he is Satan. He apparently cancelled the regional progressive talk show host, who used to feature John Nichols, Russ Feingold, and other greats. A butcher at heart.
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