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Beyond Two-Dimensional Paper: The Origami Universe

The universe of statistics is curved in upon itself. Often, you can only go so far with some extreme probability before it indeed expresses itself, way before it was ever expected. Remember the RadioLab episode, (I think), where a girl in England lost her balloon, and some other girl in England found it - and they both had the same names, and so on, and so on? Unbelievable coincidence - extremely unlikely chances. Impossible to win, betting on something so improbable - one in a million - or a billion - or maybe a trillion. Yet, it all happened. And this sort of thing happens all the time.

These are extreme examples of what happens every day, in our own personal lives, involving less improbability - but coincidental or magical nevertheless. These configurations of chance are what form to create MEANING for us - as our associated brains simultaneously observe and extract these configurations out of randomness, or otherwise-infinity. Our observing brains create meaning against chance, and indeed, reality, which is subject to the gross inklings of subatomic observers everywhere, obliges to some degree, and so often present to us configurations beyond the probable. By consciousness, the real universe is curved in upon itself - like origami - as if making finite, or limitted, the set of all possibilities.

That is why we so often see occurrences of "impossible" coincidences or probabilities. Many people may experience events where the odds are one-in-a-trillion, even when the set of actors is only 7.5 billion. Statisticians do evade some responsibility by the blanket disclaimer that, "We didn't say it could NEVER happen." Ultimately, there is no way of validating probability, or theory, or reality. Do not let elite authorities argue that you do not have the right to discern your own meanings. We were all born into an origami universe.

Here is a good example. Three of the first five USA presidents died on the date, JULY 4, (Independence Day). That occurrence is already of extremely high improbability, in pure statistics. But, both Addams and Jefferson died ON THE VERY SAME DAY. That situation elevates the two men - and the country - into the realm of MYTH - yet it happened. It is not a conspiracy theory.

Why did it happen? Because consciousness affects probability. There was something going on with those presidents, and the country, that went beyond stats. It could have been wish-fulfillment, a self-fulfilling prophesy, or a mass placebo-type effect... The main thing is that there were far more factors going into the equation, which were never measured to begin with. These factors extend down to the quantum level - to the psychic level - to the level of conscioussness and will. Meaning!

Or - how about Neil Young impossibly having two sons who both have Down's Syndrome? This is beyond the probability of stats in genetics. But it happened - because something more was going on. Why is this so hard to accept, when we finally have, today, the field of EPIGENETICS, where Lamarkian-type concepts have come back to life, and both evolution theory and stats have been confounded?

The universe is everywhere infolded, for our meanings. These are the means to our self-awareness. Our other-awareness. It is impossible that the universe should NOT be composed in this magical manner. And, ironically, the universe is rife with irony. The joke is on us.

Observation. Consciousness. Will, can affect probability. At the most subtle, gross, quantum level, this is indeed how reality itself is constructed. This is how we build our own personal versions of, "time." And, so, evolution theory is incomplete without allowing for the inclusion of WILL as a determining factor, even as will, ironically, is a function of even vaster forces and minds.

This may be difficult to understand, when we continue to hold the view that our minds or selves are something different than the dynamics of matter, energy, relativity, or quantum physics. In fact, the way we think our thoughts - our cognitive constructions - our memory - our sight and awareness - our love: THESE ARE ALL MARRIED TO PHYSICS. The dynamics of the sun are not separable to the dynamics of consciousness.

Since all things are related in these dynamics, then there is a shared calculus, divvying out meaning here and there, just as energy or mass is allotted, into their own designated realms and functions. Locally, we have an intuitive, Euclidean kind of mathematics - laws - which work in this time and place. But we cannot extend these to make assumptions about the distant universe, as relativity math has shown. Neither can we extend our assumptions of probability into the realm of quantum dynamics, as Heidegger and others have shown, (see Schrodinger's Cat).

So, do you really think that the distant universe is something not fully connected to the quantum realm, simply because we presently have a different theory to describe each of the two? Of course not. It stands to reason that neither can we extend our "medicosmic" math into the realm of quantum dynamics, as WE CANNOT EXTEND ASSUMPTIONS OF PROBABILITY TO THE DISTANT UNIVERSE.

That means, when EVERYTHING is decidedly UNCERTAIN or unpredictable, through statistics or math, THEN even our own local sphere cannot be trusted to be statistically predictable, as we assume it is. Rather, the entire universe, in association with our consciousness, conspires to make of reality SOMETHING BEYOND NAIVE STATISTICS. Comparing the dynamical, conscious, origami universe to our local "scientific" assumptions is like comparing super-dimensionality to a two-dimensional model.

The fact is that physics - more amazing than we now know - affects our personal lives and thoughts here on Earth, just as our observations affect reality. We are both pawns and influencers of the sun, and so on. When solar activity lessens or increases, this changes us - as we manifest changes in the planet, through our life. So - this leads us, now, to an upcoming post, built around tragic whale beachings. Stay tuned for that or not.
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