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Nothing exceeds like excess.

For xmas, I wrote a long xmas letter, which I sent out in xmas cards to real-life friends and relatives. If I had included the stuff about the crazy bald guy downstairs, the letter would have been three pages long. So, I got the idea of posting that separately, on a new LJ account, along with other posts - all completely anonymous, and only meant for those friends and relatives.

So I created another alternate LJ, and posted a few things there - never really got around to posting about the crazy guy, even though he is as bad as ever. Then, a few days ago, LJ suspended that journal! This was a real disappointment, The journal had not yet even fulfilled its primary role - plus I could no longer post useful stuff for the likes of Bee Girl, etc. I couldn't understand why LJ did this. Because gunshots were mentioned? Because I used the term, "fake news"?

I wrote LJ a note, (which is also posted here at madman101). I didn't get up expectations - but today I discovered that LJ had reinstated the journal! That's pretty damn decent! I hope they didn't do so in response to my hint of a possible law suit - cuz I felt bad about that. I think they just respected who I am (madman101), a long-time user, etc. IDK. I haven't checked if they sent me a response yet. But - this is good, cuz there is so little that is solid in my life - everything taxes my energy too much. Having put so much effort into this project, it would have been harmful to me if I lost it. The less time I spend on LJ, or movies, or cooking, then the more time I spend drinking and getting ill.

I went shopping the other day. One thing I bought was a bag of good-looking Brussels sprouts, for some reason. Instead of boiling them, I followed a recipe and roasted them. Midway, I also added artichoke quarters and mushrooms, and spices. A little Parmesan and fake mozzarella on top. It turned out so amazingly good, I pretty much ate it all in one night. Try this at home.

I also threw together some experimental tuna salad, including two bags of cole slaw makings. Added odd spices to kind of center it. The taste is a little off but still good. I just suspect that something in it might be triggering CFS. Also, I have been making two large pickle jars of sauer kraut, made from one large cabbage plus about 5 of those cole slaw bags. This is coming along well. I just must be wary of black mould which sometimes starts forming around the lids. Finally, I am also making three big bottles of wine. It is presently too sugary, by far, but, usually, by the time it meets THIS test, the wine has become too acidic - proto-vinegar.

My dog appears to have a growing band of mange on his back, of all places. I am doing what I can about this. I really don't need another year of unanticipated vet expenses. Besides topicals, I am showering him with kindness, trying to reduce his stress. But, the problem with that is that he starts getting out of control and over-eager about everything and everyone. One thing I must do is vacuum the place, to remove hair and mites. But to do so would result in injurious warfare from the man downstairs.

Btw - I was right. This guy did indeed resume his stomping and banging again, with the full moon, and the barometer dropping. Every single time there is approaching precipitation, he goes mad, just like the Nethers. Then, it stops, once the barometer rises again. This leads me to believe that the madness - the psychopathology - is base and animalistic, as I have hypothesised. It influences my dog and tends to lure him to the lower, devolved common denominator - and so I am surrounded by the madness and passive aggression - all because of what? The phases of the moon. A change in static electricity. Meanwhile, the man's ego watches football all day, and convinces him that he is the president or something. Heed my observations, my Aussie readers.

Recent movies include, "The Squid and the Whale." - Indie movie but not worth the time. The older kid thinks he is Ben Stiller.

Did I mention, "Tyrannosaur," yet? I was going to do a full discussion on it. The main thing is that it quite nicely illustrates the petty nasty pathetic petulance and passive aggressive spite which I disdain throughout the human primate species, except the movie was not set in Illinois, but in England. It has nothing to do with any dinosaurs. Except - the main character is a pathological creep. He reminded me of a certain relative, if he were mixed w/ 50% Donald Trump. Something of a John McCain who never got a break in life.

The movie began with nastiness and violence, I almost didn't follow through watching it. But it was worth it. The rampant problem of revenge and retaliation, in hell holes, creates a thick environment where nobody is allowed to move or breath - until they lash out and act out, in defiance. It is a never-ending loop - a broken record. So, in this atmosphere, the main guy's mental illness, merely an extension of the town's dysfunction, can do nothing but infect everything it comes in contact with, dutifully, like a puppet, like the crazy bald guy. And, so his madness infects the woman who began as his saviour, but ends up in jail. If it had not been for the guy entering her life, she would never have ended up demoted into that caste.

"A Serious Man," was much more pleasant, while still pointing out the irrational nastiness of people, as I believe I have already posted. "Seven Psychopaths," also began violently, but was very worth watching, (while turning the head away from gushing blood, etc.), and similarly documents human meanness - but fully on the level of psychopathy. The writer did a little homework, and included some psychological indicators of true psychopathy.

A movie I watched last night is also of the same ilk: Pointing out the testier, dodgier side of human nature - except this one was a lovely movie. You may have seen it: "Friends With Money." It really studied female and human behaviour quite truthfully and intimately. Highly recommended, and completely harmless, except for the f-word. Staring Jennifer Anniston. Although she is great to watch, and the part was understandable, I did not feel that she was 100% appropriate for the part - of a confused, cheap "maid." Anniston usually seems too smart and wise, and even aloof, to appropriately play a psychologically screwed up girl. Then she ends up with a big lump of a guy, only emphasising that yes, she does have problems. But, other than that, this was a great, wondrous, quiet movie. A far better look at female mid-life introspection than was the awful, "Eat, Pray, Love."

Another bad movie?  "Town and Country."

Also saw, "Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels," w/ Steve Martin and Michael Caine. This was a worthless movie, almost as bad as, "The Bucket List."

Oh.  I am wondering if the masive influx of non-LJ readers lately might have largly been techies working for LJ - maybe investigating my jnl(!?)  Why do I hypothesise this?  Because after yesterday's note to LJ, inviting them to view my LJ journal, there was another spurt of such viewers.  If this is so, then the techies are not going in via LJ user names, they are working as technicians - maybe spies - &/or bots.  But, I have no idea.
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