I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A stay on a stay (on a stay?)

Ha - what is more indicative of status quo perversity than this?!

But, what did I tells ya, huh?  Didn't I say it?  Didn't I say it?

"The courts will moderate Trump's insane behaviour."  (para)

Don't get so lathered up!  This is a good thing.  He is adroitly stacking the deck against him.  In  four years, if he is still around, the Bernie populists will easilly be able to draw away his angry populists.  If the DNC Dems have any sense, they will gear up towards such a move.

However, as far as this matter in particular is concerned...  Remember: this is the 9th Circuit.  It really might not survive the Supreme Court.  The president really does have agruably limitless authority over matters of immigration, when it comes to "national security."  This is because he is Commander in Chief.  And it can be argued there that the rights of immigrants are not as solid as those of USA citizens.  Being a green-card holder, myself, I have not been ignorant of these legal developments.  But I would kinda like being deported to Australia for whatever.

Reminder: This is only a temporary stay of a temporary halt.  Don't frickin go to war over it.  There are bigger fish to fry, coming down the Pike.

btw - the crazy man downstairs has shut up completely today. He wasn't even watching TV at 6:pm. He always quiets down whenever the barometer drops - but this seems even more than that. I really think he is unstably pro-Trump, and so Trump's defeat shut him up. He has been temporarilly stayed. But of course, the moon is full. So, maybe he will be up all night again, trying to destroy me.
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