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The roots of Disco - Preface

Posted on 2017.02.08 at 19:20
One thing I love is trying to figure out how one type of music evolved from others.  I have written about Disco before - like here and here. Lately, I have been researching the origins of Disco. This came after listening to oldies radio, and also watching, "Hairspray" - which one would not associate with Disco. I have too many links - my post will take too much time right now - must do it later.

But, what I have decided is this: Disco had many influences: soul, funk, German electronica & minimalism, psychedelic music - even the Beatles! Where did it come from? Although it evolved out of Detroit Motown, it didn't really become Disco until the orchestral strings and horns and smooth soul were added from the Philadelphia Soul Sound. Disco was born in PHILADELPHIA. Stay tuned for the post - which is currently going into the hopper.

My browser is all plugged up because of all of the open tabs again - and so is my brain. I must spend time correcting this again. There should be a system in browsers where the overload of tags should instantly go into a bookmarks-type dump, not taking up memory, but easilly accessible. In a world...

Imagine a little boat near a rocky shore. Giant waves are crashing against the rocks, dashing the poor little boat every which way.  That's how some people feel about their lives.  Now imagine that the rocky LAND is smashing back at the ocean.  That is me and my body and my so-called mind, except there are not just two crashing forces, there are about seven going on at the moment.  Excuse meh.

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