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“Manifesto of the Free Humans”

I didn't want to post the entry of infinite progressive links without doing a follow-up, cautioning all from falling into one label or the other.  Left versus Right is very much a controlled false dichotomy, exploiting the hopes of money-giving sheeple, and feeding the excess, amorality and ultimate tyranny of a "higher" authoritarian elite, made up of corporatists, banksters, New Money, Old Families, Big Pharma/Agra/Med/etc., the military-industrial complex, technocrats, and billionaire psychopaths.  (Just because I paint a colourful picture does not mean it isn't so).  This "higher authority" controls and recruits both left and right, while simultaneously playing them off against each other.  That way, they keep us ALL divided, dazed and confused.  Out of control.  Handing over our wealth every which way.  So: BUYERS!  BEWARE!

Beware The Authoritarian Right And Left

Once you allign with either side blindly, you fail to see how both sides are joined at the hips, in corpocratic copulation. You fail to see that black-versus-white is a vice, designed to fit you into an endless game of chicken: Win this term, lose next term, etc., etc... Nothing progressive or truthful ever gets accomplished. Platitudes, false promises, and bones before swine, are thrown to obscure the mechanations of the vice at large: Taking with one hand, demanding with the other. Good cop becomes bad cop, and vice versa. Left is right and right is left - but not as long as all the people keep being duped into seeing - into defending - a false dichotomy.

I In comparison to the graph offered in the article, I see left-right more as a croissant, pointed at the top, where the "higher authority" oversees the push-me/pull-you dynamics of the left wing and the right wing. But, sometimes, the two pointy, "libertarian," tips of the croissant stretch out more and more, and finally meet each other. We almost got there in 2016, but the tips were drawn back by Central Authority, so that one tip was anger, and one was naive hope, and the angry populism is what won. I will say it every chance I get: This was the DNC Democrats fault, for selfishly forcing Bernie to lose the primary.

But, sometimes the two tips do indeed meet up, in a synthetic populism. Then, the croisant becomes a donut! And, it is possible that this new part of the treat becomes even fatter, and more popular, than the top part - where NEOLIBERAL/ NEOCONSERVATIVE blue dogs and RINOs once held us all together - thins out like a dying epoch. Stooges like McCain, Lindsay, Feinstein, Bush's, Clintons fight with lies to defend and extend the life of dying EMPIRE. But its days are numbered - and Status/ Quo will never be the same! "IN A WORLD..."

That is what I mean by the "Faux Middle giving way to the NEW MIDDLE. The new middle eases out the wrinkles and dissonance, attracts more and more into its more rad, rational, progressive, trustworthy camp, away from the old, false middle. That is a true revolution. And inevitable, with concurrent technological revolution. Unfortunately, with the stupid loss to DONALD TRUMP, it becomes more likely that any revolution will not be sensible, but will be violent. And, a violent "revolution" is just what the "higher authorities" want, because it excuses their use of military and police force, as well as extortion, with the plan of breaking the new movement - which it has the physical power to do, but not the spiritual - or moral - or sensible. Their machines are fueled by the gasses of lies.

So - I have written a lot about bringing the left and right together in this way - peacefully, democratically, constructively. Via the extending tips of the croissant - NOT through the coercion and temptations - the stick and the carrot - of the authoritarian vice, overseeing the fat, bipolarised, center of the croissant. See what I am saying? Nader wrote about this in, "Unstoppable." There is lots of room for agreement, instead of letting social and moral wedge issues continuously divide us. And, there is still time. Trump is just some mad, passing Chimera, leading to a greater age - unless we allow him to destroy us. For more on progressive right+left, please explore my adventurous hashtags, which are also tasty for breakfast.
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