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Prehistoric FAKE NEWS!  -  From 2006!

Oh, wait! This sounds like it is insulting Monsanto! This is just when Oprah insulted hamburger, and the global beef industry tried to shut her up! We cannot have any mockery of processed food and additives! And wasn't a vegetable insulted once? Or maybe it was ketchup, also a vegetable, and probably GMO, and full of Aspartame. I refuse to be un-American and join in this rabble, even though Aspartame makes me sick as hell. Why, just look at this fine recommendation, obviously written by Monsanto folks, with nary a mention of danger - except headaches maybe. Aspartame is sweet and nutritious. It is NutraSweet!

Remember, this Wikipedia entry is scientific! It is NOT fake news! It is the opposite of fake news - because it is corporate - and it loves us! That's why Monsanto also gave us Agent Orange, Roundup (glyphosate), GMO tragedies, and so on! Never insult your food! Sit up straight!

(Before using, read hashtags carefully).

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