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Political pillow talk

Includes some stuff about lies and lying, which would be a good intro to upcoming post.

It is a little easier on me, now that Donald Trump is president.  I don't have to write so much about what he is doing wrong, compared to Obama or Clinton, (or Bush).  Trump is right out there with it, and it is obvious to everyone.  For example: The bad phone call with the Aussie Prime Minister.  Trump croons that so many countries have been taking advantage of us...  LIKE AUSTRALIA?  It is insane to disrespect Australia.  Once again, Trump's childish thin skin blows a minor issue into an international farce - all over 1200 migranign.  He is still batting in the little leagues.  As a careening career businessman, affiliated with the mob, he has no clue about civil diplomacy.  He treats grown-ups like they are psycho-babies, as are common in the world of commerce.

But, I still have to point out some things that he is doing right, or not as wrong as they look, because there is an extreme bias against him from the left.  Yes, the bad phone call was a clear mistake, (just when Australia is signing a free trade pact with China), but a lot of the news of it came from gossip and disgruntled leaks - and NPR is taking every opportunity to dwell on it, over and over, while other issues are being missed.  Trump has already enacted some very bad anti-environment orders.  Another clear baddie.

He is also seeking a review of the Dodd-Frank Amendment, which he has referred to as, "a disaster."  Well, it isn't a disaster - it just sucks because IT DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH at reigning in too-big-to-fail banks, etc.  But, Trump is more likely to want to water it down even more.  Unless he has a beer summit with Bernie.  What is the takeaway on this?  His review of Dodd-Frank is NOT a bad thing - because nothing has happened yet.  Yes, there are Wall Street people in his cabinet, but the ever-scorned Steve Bannon happens to want to deconstruct the big banks!

I find I have to keep repeating to DNC Democrats to be scientific - don't blame someone for things in your own heads.  As soon as he was president, they were screaming bloody murder, some resorting to violence.  And he hadn't even done anything yet.  During the campaign, he said he would support LGBT rights, and preserve Social Security - and yet there has been constant talk about him wanting to oppose these things, based on nothing but fear and imagination.  This is called prejudice.

Don't mistake this as me supporting Trump.  I am looking at the issues.  Trump is an ass and a buffoon, but he has a few things going for him, including Middle America.  And, as I said, I have little need to write about what Trump is doing wrong.  Everybody else is covering that.  But, it needs to be pointed out that he is doing some things right.  He got us out of the TPP.  He is renegotiating NAFTA.  And, he has a jobs plan to rebuild a lot of infrastructure - not including that stupid Wall, and probably not including Obama's plan to control the internet, "infrastructure."

But, just like when the GOPpers were absolute contrarians regarding anything Obama tried to do, now the reverse is happening.  Liberals once wanted friendship with Russia, and the opposed war and expansionism.  But, in the last four years of the Obama administration, they made Russia into the enemy, and accepted Obama's raids on Syria, Libya, etc.  And it is much of the GOP - & the "Alt Right" - who are defending Russia, Putin and Peace.  DNC Dems were once anti-corporatist, but became enured to Obama's bankster administration, just as they had been romanced by Bill Clinton's NAFTA, (etc).  Meanwhile, it is the Libertarians-Constitutionalists who have been gaining ground, opposing global corporatism, picking up the fallen Bernie's supporters.

I am feeling another shift.  Liberals, especially Bernie progresives, were getting behind leaving the TPP, and even NAFTA.  But, now that Trump is enacting these measures, it seems like Dems are movign towards favouring the great ideal of, "free" trade again.  Ever since there was one study claiming that almost all job losses have not been due to NAFTA or China, but instead were caused by robotic automation, there have been countless talking heads on NPR, etc., taking this up, advocating for the TPP, etc.  But, I do not see how robotic automation, which is fairly recent, could have been responsible for job losses following the Clinton-NAFTA administration, decades ago - especially when automated China has been offering plenty of jobs!  Not only are non-tariff-barrier cheating by other countries NOT being discussed, or identified, there is never any discussion as to the role of our monetary policy - a strog dollar thwarting our exports, and easy rate lending to OVERSEAS companies, thwarting internal capital investment.

One thing I did not like about Obama was that he didn't know a thing about economics.  Not a numbers guy - but he was competitive, and put on airs of always being right.  He hired all the top scoundrels from Wall Street, banks, and the Fed, and listened to them - and adhered to their advice, not really knowing what he was doing.  Remember him accusing Elizabeth Warren of not knowing what she was talking about, when she identified gaping flaws in the TPP, which Obama had not been forthcoming about?

Sherrod Brown Says Obama Was 'Disrespectful' To Elizabeth Warren In Trade Spat
Elizabeth Warren: Obama is Lying About TPP Trade Deal

That's the way of hypocrisy, to project one's own flaws onto someone else. Blame away hyperbolically, then deflect attention, then slip out the side door. This was a mainstay of the 2016 campaign. (Look forward to my upcoming post: "Calling the Kettle Black"). Yet, Obama's assertion that Warren, "is just another politician," was probably correct. WDC is a den of thieves.

The way that Warren carried on in support of Clinton - along with Sanders, Pelosi, etc., really jaded me towards the whole lot of them. Here they were conspiring openly and without shame, desperately fighting to keep the lie alive, when it was their own fault - this very audacity - which lost them Bernie in the first place, and so would lose them the election. How vain and absurd they seemed. If I can see that, just imagine how much more the biased GOPpers would have seen.

Well, it is easier for me, mainly skipping the bad things Trump is doing. But, another easy thing is this: Trump tends to lie. But his lies are, again, right out there. Oftentimes, he makes more flubs and confusions than actual lies. But the point is, there is a lot of transparency here. So, I don't have to spend a lot of time trying to indicate where Trump's hidden lies are. His lies are plastered all over Twitter like its reality TV. He just can't help himself - it is some kind of personality disorder. Not so much the lies as the confusion.

Clinton and Obama, on the other hand, were not transparent. They were full of lies and deceptions going deep, deep into the dark, hidden away. I spent many years trying to figure out if Obama was deceptive or just naive. He was both. But, it was important to bring out the lies and mistakes. That is why the far-right had such a feeding frenzy on both of them.

You know, a lot of private people can float through life, and hardly even realise that they are being deceptive. The more friends or power or money that falls upon such people, the less likely it is that they will ever wake up to their self-deception. They carry forth status quo ideals from the past, convinced that they mean well, and are conscientious and so right, and all their friends say, "yes," to them, and god rewards them with the best steak and wine, and nothing is finer than to demonise one's evil political naysayer every four years.

But this is how the status quo just stagnates; and invisible lies reinforce invisible corruptions; and shallow, narcissistic, people-pleasing politicians and lawyers see nothing in lying - for a "greater good", ("Just like Abraham Lincoln!"). Politicians are about rhetoric - words. Not the truth. The idea is to glom or repel, forming groups and alliances, fighting other groups, as far as money and duplicity will take them. To put faith in them is to put faith in decline.

Even anti-corporate Elizabeth Warren is being scorned for accepting a $1.3 million line of credit against her house, from a big bank.

Switching subjects: Here comes the Superbowl, and abuse of women, animals, the marginalised, etc. Yes? This is a proven sociological phenomenon, correct? So, believe me when I say that the psychopath bald guy downstairs is already ramping up his stomping around. (All he does is watch football all day). For instance, I could not sleep last night. Just as I was dozing off, at 2:30am, bald guy comes stomping loudly directly below me. (I was in the back bedroom - which would be heaven for me, except he attacks every time he knows I am back there).

4:am came around. My dog started barking in the front. He was really concerned. He ran about, whimpering for me to come out and look. So, I did. I took the dog outside. He was very upset, looking everywhere. But I am pretty sure that it was, ONCE AGAIN, the crazy bald guy, knocking on the wall downstairs, which is next to my front door. He has done this many times before.

Back inside, I let my dog go up on my bed, in the front bedroom. Four hours, he would erupt into these long convulsive shakes. He could not sleep - wanting, instead, to be outside or downstairs hunting around. By 9:30am, I got his morning dinner ready. As he lay there waiting, he was still shaking.

I have had not enough sleep. My brain is inflamed. I had to turn up the radios even more, and stomp insanely around, to finally shut the guy up, at about 10:30am. It is now 1:30pm. This is only the beginning of it. I cannot live like this anymore. I'll write about movies later. Must rest.

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