I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Day of the Psycho-Pigs!

The day may be coming soon when we, oh pigs, will FLY!


We know that many people, especially the politicians and filthilly rich, are psychopaths.  Psychopaths are basically children, emotionally, who are, in turn, animals.

This should not shock you because, in reality, all humans are animals, "to some degree."  But psychopaths are deranged animals with the benefit of a cold, calculating neocortex.  Some people, who come from dysfunctional pasts, may be stuck in their childhood perversions when they grow up, but go on to refine their animalistic vengeance and meanness and ruthless competitiveness and sadism and narcissistic selfishness and Lies and PLANS and EXECUTIONS, as evil psychopaths, even though they may pretend to be trustworthy, pleasant pillars of the community or club.  Outside of empathy, they do things that most normal people would never IMAGINE that any human would do!

Therefore, these long-game psycho's end up being the people who stealthilly gain power over us all - if our society is broken, and we are stupid, and we masochistically let our guard down.  Because power is a childish thing.  And power is an animalistic emotional concept.  But, when a psycho has a fore-brain which can elabourately scheme to gain power, over all the other Lord-of-the-Flies kiddies, then he or she succeeds beyond our wildest dreams, and society is doomed, empathy being disintegrated, usually through the agency of amoral money.

Psychopaths exploit and destroy civilisation, ultimately.  They are a sign of the decline of empire.   When we are left with millions upon millions supporting one lying psycho politician versus another lying psycho politician, for president, and there is lots of establishment power to back either one, then we are screwed.  We have elected to let the pigs fly.

So, you would think that the last thing that we really need - the last thing that anyone would ever want or allow - would be the development of human beings who are - well - more genetically PIGS.  And the last thing we would want would be pigs who are partly human beings.  As if we don't have enough trouble.

Alex Jones has been warning of GMO cross-breeding of animal species, and humans, for many years.  Yes he is an odd ball, but he reads a lot - a lot of things you don't see on NBC.  He has told of goats being inserted with spider genes, or vice versa.  Many callers insisted that he was mad.  "Chimeras do not exist!"  Well, how long ago has it been that they cloned Dolly, the sheep?  You don't think that technocracy does not, by now, have the means to create a human-animal chimera?  Not only is it possible, it is probable.  Not only is it probable: It is HERE and NOW.  Remember this?...

Pig with human face and penis head born in China

In fact, there have been have been a number of these sightings. Of pigs with human-like faces, I mean, in China. "But that doesn't prove anything," you Skeptocrats will exclaim, "It is just like UFO sightings - nothing solid! Nothing scientific. There are no human-animal hybrids!"

Well, these may not be chimeras - they might be pigs deformed by the devastating pollution in China. But, I scared you, didn't I? How about this?...

The birth of half-human, half animal chimeras

Human-pig 'chimera embryos' detailed

Most of the corn in the USA is GMO. Soybeans. Potatoes. Berries. In February: "The Arctic Apple." Little human brains have been grown by scientists, and a new method of scaffolding for organs, allowing full blood flow, will allow large human brains to be grown. Baby's can be born from 3 parents. GMO mosquitoes have been released, and may have contributed to the Zika syndrome. All because human beings cannot keep their minds in their pants - they've got to try everything. SOMEONE's got to spend the grant money!

So, now that we are in the age of chimeras - (and robots, and end of world, etc.) - along come people saying, "Well, I think there should be a full DISCUSSION of this issue, with some public input." That is like saying, "Obama transparency," it is an oxymoron. These sorts of "discussions" never lead to tabling the technology. All this money-spending patronisation leads to is the same PC conclusion, "If the USA doesn't do it, someone else will!"

Well, so. Thank god we are now discussing these weighty but ultimately pointless ethical issues!

Should a human-pig chimera be treated as a person?

There is something to be said for Luddite, medieval superstition. Avoiding strangers and "evil" - and PORK - is a good way of not catching and spreading terrible diseases! Of course, it sometimes leads to burning people at the steak, but let's not miss the big picture. Where does the newest flues come from? Usually: China, where pigs and chickens live in close quarters, and swap evolving viruses, which then spread through other birds - and people.

It sometimes is not good to mix up everything together, based on some kind of hippie, anarchist philosophy of super-innoculation. It is NOT NATURAL for pigs to sleep with chickens! Call me superstitious, if you let me call you filthy.

And so, it is rather not natural to mix pigs and people. I thought we already dealt with this issue, but it keeps growing: The growing of human organs inside pig bodies.

Great, we already have 7 billion too many people, and this salvation for the wealthy is a moral imperative?

Call me in 20 years and tell me that the world is any more capable of using this technology humanely, rationally and democratically, when the coastal cities are drowning and calling for $$$; when the deserts are growing and calling for $$$, or when mega-flues are devastating millions and calling for $$$. Do you think we will have a new kind of Obama care by then, promising everyone a new stomach, grown in a pig? How about blood from a clone? Or a portable kit dripping some perpetual super-vaccine?

OK. When you mix up the landscape, you get a lot of dirt thrown up - a lot of dust in the air. This is precisely the definition of global warming, or the Greenhouse Effect, which are already having a ridiculously arduous time dealing with. Our history has been our own little self-made asteroid impact. Who needs legends of Atlantis when we've got all this going on?

I speak of entropy, my friends. Real, and mathematical.

Whether you mix pigs and people by genetic manipulation, or by growing human organs in pigs, you get a little chaos by-and-by, which edges towards an asymptotic explosion. Mixed-up immune systems modify pig viruses, and human viruses, and hasten the evolution of disease that can then hop into the human population, or its porcine food supply.

Even when viruses - and other pathogens - are diluted away by immune systems, there will always be discrete survivors which become, like today's antibiotic-resistant strains, SUPERBUGS. The danger is real!

The problems are all hidden away beyond the labouratories doors, beyond the halls of Congress, beyond the flat-screen TV - but they are real and exponential, multiplying with all the rest of emergent chaos, acting and radioacting and multi-factoring... Such that the assumption that scientists shall one day solve these secondary costs IS SIMPLY A DELUSION OF GRANDEUR, fanned by the narcissists who run our power structure, and want to live forever: The Reptilian Elites!

That is not even to mention the exponentially dangerous effects of the GMO changes made here and in so many other organisms. We are sitting on a time-bomm!

The philosophy is this: When you take elements out of their niches, already perfectly balanced in the environment, and you force them together, there will inevitably be an exponentially growing disparity full of imbalance, and eventual, probable danger. We are not thinking seven generations ahead, here. We - THEY - are thinking: "Me first! I'll get mine! I am too great for death!"

And the idealists are saying, "Me!  I shall be the one to save humanity!"

What of the compassionate aspects of having more organs available?

There can be other ways of doing this. Humans implanted with organs and/or genes from pigs will inevitably produce new pathogens, genes, immune problems and illnesses. But, here is the same question which is enveloping the spirit of our civilisation, concerning, E.G., antibiotic-resistant superbugs: How far can we stretch this - this kind of Zeno's paradox - while not only entropy grows within the system, but also without? Our population meets a rising plethora of constraints even as we think!

This question cannot be answered by empathy alone. It cannot be answered by science alone. Unfortunately, robots may be elected to determine our fate - if extraterrestrials do not intervene first. But, the point is, the big picture is more problematic than is the question over local compassion, or lack thereof.

Just as robots are disturbing our socio-and-economic systems, so will chimera technologies. And, personal problems are inevitable. Already, it is thought to be probable that humans can inherit psyche aspects of the persons or animals from whom they received new organs. How much more will that be upset, when organs, and blood, and genes, and proteins, are mixed up. It reminds me of, "The Fly," that we ourselves are being devolved into some kind of inhumane, "Superbug."

Then, a little further down the road, if we even "progress" in chimerising society...

How would you act towards a man who is more of a pig than you? Would you detest him? If he were were far-gone, would you seek to burn him as a steak? What if, by his animal cunning, he had lots of money and lorded over many humans and pigs? What would you think of bowing down to him?

And if you were more of a pig than me, would you even listen to my esoteric associations - or my cautionary tales and hesitations?

I think you would run for the food instead, even more-so than today's humans do, and so you would risk yourself becoming much less inclined towards, than becoming, Bacon.  Yum, yum.

Because. "Some animals are more equal than others." George Orwell: Animal Farm.

Remember when we once took care to cook our meat?!


"Was it just a dream?" he whispered, as he fell towards the knives, "Some fake news fairie - or a fleeting chimera of empire?"
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