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Doomsday Clock Goes Political

The DOOMSDAY CLOCK is being set ahead, because of Squirrel-head Trump.  This is despite the fact that Trump wants to get out of Syria, wants to end ISIS terrorism, and wants to play footsie with Putin.  Go to article HERE.  These people are scientists, basically posting their irrational fears online.  Not that I don't "agree" with them!  I think we should have nuked ourselves years ago!  But this latest announcement is based on nothing more than the rampant gossip of the day.  Listen.  North Korea?  If you look at the history of this convenient problem: North Korea is a tool of Western Anti-communism.  It always gets dredged up as an issue whenever the West needs a diversion.  It is a cleverly designed puppet.  Not so difficult to do, because the North Korean population is hand-to-mouth, so that leaves only a few people at the top who can be easilly be paid off.  I am actually out on a limb on this one.  No one else is saying this.  But I have been observing this for years.  North Korea is a functionary of the USA.  So, all of the fear of some nuclear war from North Korea?  Status-Quo fear mongering!  This is why I am disappointed that the scientists didn't have enough political sense to see through this crap.  Because we have zero threat from North Korea.  We do have threats from elsewhere, yes!  Of course.  Because we messed with the planet, what do you expect?
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