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Here's a subject I have posted about before: The well-healed upper crust are heading for the hills - actually, they are headed for under the hills, over the ocean, and to dream-homes in New Zealand, where life is wonderful all the time, (except when massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions arrive not far behind).  Yes, survivalism has been gentrified - trickling up like espresso in space - to become the fashionable obsession of the in-crowd.  After all their years of warning NOT to read hokey "prepper" websites, the rich have caught the bug, and are doing not as they say, but as they do: Invest in Me, Inc.

I do regret that I never tagged those somewhat recent posts wherein there were lots of pics of elabourate survival complexes, and all that.  I did want to link them in this post. I have also scattered, in many other posts, snippets about this flight of the fanciful, prepping for the day when their filth hits the fan - plus all the tales about their drive to live forever, become bionic, drink blood, and all that.  Of course, I am not accusing every rich person of this.  Just a lot of them from San Francisco.  Now, since Trump has so clearly been ushering in social unrest and apocalypse, the story has hit the big time.  Observe: The New Yorker:
Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich


Hear it on Fresh Air!

Texas Community Goes Underground For Doomsday Prep

One Percenters In Bay Area And Beyond Busy Making Chic Apocalypse Preparations

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