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I am the person who will destroy China.


Uh, yeah - so - I am not a Democrat.  I am not a Republican.  If you took the Green Party, and added a little left-wing Libertarian, and right-wing Constitutionalist - then maybe that's where I can be pegged.  But, basically, I think for myself.

Let’s see. There were gunshots outside, which were probably Trump-related. Meanwhile, the white old crazy guy downstairs starts stomping around more and more, which is probably Trump-related. Then, I take my dog out, and my dog is exceedingly concerned with this black guy standing on his porch and just STARING at us, which has happened before, etc., from this racist family. And I say that in the spirit of MLK and Marvin Gaye. So, this was probably also Trump-related. My dog became very uncooperative. Then, the guy downstairs gets so out-of-control – Trump-related – that I have to stomp and bang myself, to shut him up.

I have criticised Trump – I never supported him. He ends up being our lesser of two evils, because the DNC Dems were stupid enough NOT to nominate Sanders. Trump is a douche and, like it or not, Clinton was worse.

We had violence and stupidity from Dems at the Inauguration, sparked by Soros and others, clearly. Then we had marches supporting, “Women’s Rights!” – Well, this would be fine, if not for the fact that it was an admitted reaction to the election of Donald Trump. That’s a pretty stupid way to advance women’s rights – antithetical to PROGRESSIVE – it is REACTIONARY. It is prejudiced and preclusive, judging Trump guilty before he even does anything.

I have heard a few things on NPR, coming from Trump supporters. And what were these? These were suggestions that we COME TOGETHER and RESPECT DEMOCRACY. FROM NPR EVEN! What do I hear from Dems out there in Americaland? “NOTMYPRESIDENT!”



Referencing the election of Barack Obama, these partisan Dems say that, back then, they NEVER told Republicans to, “Get over it!” Well, I am sorry, but there was not violence and mass marches from republicans back then. There have been incidents of violence from Clinton Dems all along, not to mention DNC corruption. Oh? You never went so far as to tell GOPpers to, “get over it,” in 2008?

Well, that is debatable – but more importantly, look at what you are doing right now! Coming from an independent progressive: YOU’RE VERY ACTIONS BETRAY THAT YOU DO NEED TO GET OVER IT. Clinton Democrats are stuck in DENIAL – and that is exactly where the powers-that-be WANT them. Puppets! You are being played.

So long as there is this division, which is ironically blamed on the other side, always the other side, then the Bernie populists will never hook up with the Trump populists. Forget the figure-heads at the front of these movements! Look at the movements!

Do I need to remind any of you that I fought, more than most anyone you know, for women’s rights? For black rights matter? For Democrats? I am disgusted now. I am completely disgusted.

I look at my notes, in my essentially discarded new laptop. I see incomplete posts coming down hard on Donald Trump. I’ll post these soon. I also see my notes for places where I wanted to move to: E.g.: Which cities have the most Democrats. Now, I cannot even imagine moving to such cities, so full of denial. This is crazy.

So, I am getting this unwarranted anger locally, from out of the blue, for no reason, except, “we hate Trump!” And I am seeing the last vestige of sanity, the liberals, turning into protofascists – and I see no redemption for this country. I have come to the conclusion that there is no hope for this country. Stupid sheeple Americans have already written it out: There will be blood. And if they one day want civil war at home, then they want nuclear weapons raining down on them from abroad as well.


A death wish.

This has shown me that there should be virtually no discipline called, “psychology”, focusing only on individuals – when I see that all dysfunction is coming from social perversions – mass denial – insane, abstract groupism. Cultism. Religion is keen to prey on these externalisations of socio-personal perversions, and gather them all together into a mass, and make them institutional. Institutionalised inhumanity, under the narcissistic banner of such things as, “notmypresident!”

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