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I am the person who will destroy China.

George Harrison is God - but only because of Bob Dylan and Yeats and Chaucer and god

I am sorry.  NPR News makes biased mistakes every which way.  But when, "American Roots," says that, "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" is a JOHN LENNON cover of Carl Perkins - I have to step up and say - NO! - it was George Harrison, who was the most influential influence on modern rock and power pop, EVER.  Wikileaks bears me out:

"Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" on 18 October 1964 at EMI Studios, London, with George Harrison (a lifelong fan of Perkins) on vocals.

How could they make such a stupid mistake?

I recently watched, "Monty Python's Life of Brian."  This film would never have been made, if it were not for George Harrison, who did a spot in the film.  George Harrison performed the first big charitable rock concert, way before, "We Are The World," etc.  George Harrison single-handedly introduced sitar-rock to the Byrds and to America.  He mentored in the music of Norah Jones.  And he MADE Eric Clapton, E.L.O., and Big Star.   Do not fuck with my GEORGE HARRISON.
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