I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


Julian Assange
Edward Snowden
Gerald Celente
Max Kaiser
Jesse Ventura
Glenn Greenwald
Willy Nelson
Charlie Sheen
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Noam Chomski
Oliver Stone & Son
Ralph Nader
Seymour Hersh

Who are these people?  This is just a perfunctory list.  These are all people who have been featured on the so-called, "alt right, fake media", and who have advocated a coming-together of progressive left and progressive right, to bring down the CORPORATIST STATUS QUO.  THEY ARE ALL FLAGRANT, TRUE-BLUE LIBERALS!!!  Many economists, like Naomi Kline, Austin Fitch(sp?), and Naomi Prins, could also be included.

These are real, learned people who are not a part of the anti-Hillary conspiracy - OR PRO-HILLARY CONSPIRACY - and who do not have opinions based on any kind of hatred of Obama - and who are not violently out in the streets provoking partisan hatred and contention.  No - it has been the status-quo Democrats who have been provoking the hate and the violence.

The rest of this drunken rant has been transferred into a politics filter HERE.
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