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Giving It Away

I recently did a post about, "free boxes," and the like, HERE.  Here is a follow-up.  I wanted to get this information to Bee-Girl, (about nonprofits), and so I will also be posting it at another LJ, where it might also be useful to another real-life friend or two.  (Since it is a real-life, anonymous journal, you folks don't get to read it.  But don't fret, it isn't anything amazing).

From Natural Fake News: Small-scale charity movement sweeping the nation with mini food pantries being hosted in people’s yards

I was listening to this good edition of the TED Radio Hour: Giving It Away. One of the bits was about how non-profits are being treated the way poor people are often treated: Blamed for their own difficulties. Regarded as something less, since money proves divinity or authority. Patronised with generous, disingenuous, condescending stinginess and moral censure. They don't "deserve" to have more money than they absolutely need. Otherwise, the money will be wasted. Not enough in our budget for dead-end investments!

But, this bit describes how non-profits would do better if they were treated more like profit-making, independent companies. In other words, if they were given more respect, and not be pressured into spending most of their time scrounging for pennies and altruistic volunteers...

Dan Pallotta's TED Talk: Do We Have The Wrong Idea About Charity?

And, here are some more TED-Talk links for you folks who are engaged in the non-profit industry:

Three Fascinating 2013 TEDTalks That Nonprofits Need to Check Out
5 Inspiring TED Talks Every Nonprofit Should Watch
Top 10 TED Talks for Nonprofit Leaders
Reframing the Special Challenges of Non-Profit Leadership: From Drama to Empowerment.
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