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Obama's Climate Change Legacy

Here's a post I was gathering together the other day, then my browser crashed and I lost all the tabs/links.  So, I am starting it over, except that it isn't as good.  Now, the thing about this post is that I was really meaning to convey how well Obama has done on climate change, but it turned out that he hasn't done so well as I thought.  However, many of those bad links were lost in the crash, of 2017.  So, here is a little bit here and there.  This post mainly exists for your own research purposes, and is nothing spectacular in and of itself - except that, well yes, it addresses the most important issue of all history, and ultimately the end of the world...

(I went into the back room to rest, and to eventually get up and go sleep in the living room, where I am safer from the bald guy's attacks.  But, as I began resting, he followed me back there, with one huge bang, plus stomping - only destined to get worse, as usual.  He is fucked up.  It's really unbelievable.  I have been trying to restrain myself, until after I release some info to the LL, etc.  But I simply had to retaliate, considering what he did last night, so I stomped my feet all over the apartment.  This made me more fatigued, and yet there is no chance of me resting now.  That is why I have returned to you, oh LJ gremlins, to do this post.  See, everything has a happy ending.  EVERYTHING.  Although, nix the happy part).

This post is kind-of a continuation of THIS post. See also THIS post.

Obama’s ‘bold, yet fragile’ climate legacy

Obama’s climate legacy: a battle of attrition at home

Exclusive interview on his legacy: Obama on Climate Change: The Trends Are ‘Terrifying’

Obama's climate legacy: 8 years of troubles and triumphs

President Obama’s climate change legacy

Obama Caps Environmental Legacy With Paris Climate Change Deal

Paris Climate Deal is a Sham

This is a version of a story in a previous post: How Obama's climate change legacy is weakened by US investment in dirty fuel

Trump Day 1: Global Warming's Fate

These are the three big areas the Republican president-elect may attack first.

Four ways Trump could unravel Obama's science legacy

Obama's Climate Legacy Will Be Harder to Undo Than Trump Thinks

25 signs of hope from the Obama Era.

25 smears, hoaxes, grifts and whoppers on climate and the environment in the Obama era.

It’s judges, not Trump, who will decide Obama’s environmental legacy
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