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T.O.T. 2 / TrumpWatch One

"How does that history bear on today’s rallies across USA? Like the righteous anti-war upsurge of 2003, this weekend’s march is a demonstration of liberal America’s panic—a belated attempt to redress a wrong, a mistake, a realization of having been coddled and misled, or misinformed. Those retreating to the street to shout “Not my president” are secretly admitting they goofed. It’s not Trump’s or Clinton’s missteps motivating them. It’s their own errors: their misunderstanding of how democracy works."

January 17 -

“Get Paid Fighting against Trump”: Ads Offer Protesters $2500 to Disrupt Trump Inauguration

Now -
Trump's WhiteHouse.gov Scrubs Every Mention of Combating Climate Change
Tags: agents provocateurs, countries - iraq, hypocrisy - liberal hypocrisy, nefarious agents, presidents - trump donald trump, protests / protesters - paid, war - iraq
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