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Tripping over Trump

I heard the speech and ceremony.  A little too much god for my taste.  God wasn't just in the speech - he was everywhere!  But, I know why Trump did that.  Religion is a powerful card to play, especially if you are GOP, and especially when you don't have a lot more going for you.  He introduced religion as an attempt to provide a common denominator, for the country to, "come together," - and stop all this carnage - although, we are also supposed to bleed "red" together, (which means GOP if you are GOP, and Commie REDS if you are Dems - so much for uniting the country, yars...)

But, after watching, "Life of Brian," my faith in agnosticism has been empowered, and, eh.

When Schumer attempted to do a similar thing, by declaring that we must all belong to something bigger than ourselves, and give our lives over for the Godvernment, well, he kinda got jeered.  He made me feel dirty.  Only a day or two ago, I saw him with Bernie Sanders lobbying for Health Care.

Hillary Clinton entered the gathering.  Soon, an NPR person read off a Tweet she supposedly just made, something like: "I am here to respect our Democracy!"  (Aka: "I am here to lessen the chances that I will get prosecuted").  Well, then another NPR person - a woman - jumped in to note, "Well, somehow she made that tweet at a time when her hands were nowhere near her device!"  And that was an NPR PERSON calling her out on another fabulous lie - (someone else was tweeting FOR her).  So, it's like she cannot do anything without coming off as an ongoing LIE ON TWO LEGS.

Then, of course, there were the very undemocratic Democratic protesters, who rampaged through the streets, threw bricks at police, and took hammers to windows as they ran.  They linked arms and prevented other people from entering the Inauguration ceremony!  Wouldn't you say that this is a little over the top?  I mean, if Bernie Sanders, and the Clintons, and Obama, can show up peaceably and respectfully - and Chuck Schumer can do a major speech - don't you think that OTHER DEMOCRATS couldn't grow up and accept reality - and stop making fools out of themselves?

I mean, look at these politicians, ending up with more and more money and privilege, and here the protesting Dems end up in prison, even poorer than they started off, proving nothing.  Well - that would be the take-away if these were indeed mere Dems...

But I don't think the core of this rampaging crowd were typical Dem protesters at all.  I am quite certain that these were just the latest SOROS-paid provocateurs, as were core Black-Lives-Matter protesters, and black-masked "rebels" in the Ukraine AND in Syria.  Just WHY George Soros - the main individual contributor to the Clinton campaign - does this stuff is a topic for lengthy discussion.

Suffice it to say, here, that this anti-Commie, anti-NAZI billionaire, who doesn't know a decent cause from the hole in his head, desires to destabilise and control.  By cajolling hundreds - and then thousands - of other gullible Dems into resisting Trump eternally, it means there will be no eventual joining-up of Trump and Sanders, or Hillary, followers.

There will only be the set-up for our next contentious, obscene, partisan campaign cycle.  This is how they keep it going, and keep the money flowing up to them, and away from the grassroots.

NPR: "What?! Did you say that the police were throwing bricks at the protesters?!! OMG! Tell us mmmmorrrrre!...."

NPR: "No, I said that the protesters were throwing bricks at the police."

NPR: "Oh, erm, uh - ok then, alright. Now, tell me more about how Trump's speech was a Hunger-Games attack on all of America!..."

Not only was the shooting, here, yesterday, possibly another manifestation of anti-Trump hatred, (and carnage), directed against whites; the white crazy bald guy downstairs went on his own rampage at 2:15am, banging and shouting directly below me as I slept. Which probably had some damn thing to do with Trump as well - since, you know, I had a BERNIE picture on my door, so therefore!

I swear to god this whole country is insane.

Anyway, I still have lots of posts to make, which will be somewhat antiquated, because the campaigns are over. But I am determined to finish these off, bit by bit. The problem today is that my health is suffering due to what happened last night. So.

"I believe in health insurance for everyone. No one who cannot pay will be left out. Big Pharma has been getting away with murder. Americans - you will no longer be ignored or forgotten. We will not remove Obamacare without a replacement. I have a plan for the replacement!"

"Stop him from taking away our health care! He's a big boogie-monster Hitler! He abused 40 virgins! He wants peace with RUSSIA! Skinheads and NAZI's like him, which means he is a skinhead NAZI! He plans to destroy everything LGBT even though he said the opposite! Lies! Lies! Give us back Obamacare!"

He hasn't even done anything yet. For god's sake. He even has a birth certificate. And small hands. And so much money - Why would he even think to make more money off of the presidency, a la, Clinton Foundation?

"But he defies protocol!"

We once had this common doctrine called, "Innocent unless and until proved guilty." I think that kinda evolved out of the bible or something. Or, "Life of Brian." Blessed are the cheese-makers.  Or, maybe it was Ghandi, the one-eyed giant.

Once again: I am ready and eager to pounce on Trump if and when he starts deconstructing the planet's atmosphere, and anything else I disagree with. His appointees are mainly conservative dorks, but he doesn't listen to other authorities, so who knows what will happen. Suddenly, Rick Perry believes in global warming. And others differ on their views on Russia. And so on.

I think you may know that I am deeply opposed to people like Rauner and Romney and Trump, thinking that they can fix government by trying to run it like a BUSINESS.

I am keenly aware and versed as to what it takes to make a corporatist-populist, (fascist), psychopath-dictator.

And I know all about the dangers of nationalism, if it is racist or cultish or bellicose.

But, try to remember that Trump represents a whole lot of disgruntled, real people - most all of whom are not racist or bellicose - and he - they - actually won.

Donald Trump is not a Russian agent. He is not a proven sexual-abuser. His lies are usually stupid off-cuff ponderings. Or projections of the media, like when he said, "Looks like these people might get violent...":  "TRUMP THREATENS VIOLENCE!"   -  Or, "Hey Russia, cool about Wikileaks":  "TRUMP CONSPIRES WITH FOREIGN POWER TO HACK ELECTION!".  (And, maybe a few lies, just to cause chaos).

He is not a criminal.  He is not guilty of any of the Clinton's crimes. He is thin-skinned, and has attention deficit disorder, and an ego that wants to rearrange planets. But he is not Satan.

He is not (yet) reason to get violent in words or actions!
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