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Stupid mouthing off for attention actually existed prior to the demonic rise of Donald Trump, believe it or not. Today, the latest week of recycled news is all about John Lewis saying that Trump is an, "illegitimate president". This is like the, "YOU LIE!" comment to Obama, which legitimised the bastardism of the whole Tea-Party movement; (see TV, "Divided States of America", possibly beginning tonight).

John Lewis' comment somehow appealed to spooked-and-riled liberals, legitimising their whole, "He is not my president!" movement. (I keep hearing this commercial on NPR, where some girl says, "The fact that [Trump] won is NOT OK - it just shows how close-minded America is!" But the irony is that this girl is exibitting the very close-mindedness which she is hating on). Lewis' comment may comfort liberals, despite its inherent cognitive dissonance, but how long ago - do we remember - did THIS OTHER, 'pre-Trump', comment appear in the news?...

Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Slams Bernie Sanders - Feb. 11, 2016

The problem isn't black. The problem isn't white. The problem is big, old, whiplashing ego's, mainly of the baby-boomerism type.

That worm keeps turning. Self-inflicting wounds. Trouble for Trouble's sake.

If we could only forgive as quickly as we forget.

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