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Oh Bernie Cares!

As you know, US Congress approves first step for repealing Obamacare (Update). Without a doubt, most Americans want the ACA to be replaced - by something better! As things stand now, the Dems are so spooked and riled by the oncoming Trump Regime, that they will be in no mood to cooperate on crafting something better. Meanwhile, the mean, erstwhile Republicans glory in repealing Obamacare, yet secretly cower in the fact that they have no alternative to offer. If they were to take the stance of cooperating to build a new healthcare system, they will only end up lobbying for something EVEN MORE CORPORATE than the ACA. So, my sense is that both parties shall once again lock themselves in a year's long loggerheads, blocking out other legislations. It may get so bad than it will invite another wave of progressives getting elected in 2018.

It is good that Bernie Sanders campaigns for a REPLACEMENT for the ACA - that is also my position, of course. But, in so far as he might sell out to the DNC Dems, and defeat his own purposes, then I will oppose his partisanship. If you would like my health care views from the past, see:

My recent rant -  Affordable Care is Up In the Air!
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