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RFK Jr. says he'll leave environmental group to head Trump vaccine commission

This might never happen, though. Why? Trump said that Big Pharma was, "getting away with murder." But, now he is probably coming up a lot of politicians and lobbyists telling him not to proceed with this "vaccine denial" commission, who are acting as a front for Big Pharma. And, the GOP powers that be do NOT want a Kennedy in the administration, (which is a kind of racism). Because, look at what might happen:

RFKjr. gets the job done, and strong anti-BAD-vaccine legislation is passed. Trump and Kennedy raise their entwined fists together, "Yay!" They get chummy and go on bird-watching expeditions. At some point, JFKjr. convinces Trump that Climate Change is real. Trump announces his own change of mind - and of policy - on, climate change. Liberals are ecstatic. RFKjr. is compelled to run for President as an Independent, with Bernie Sanders as his VP. Not only do liberals fully back this dynamic duo, most conservatives cannot resist it either, considering all of Kennedy's good CONSERVATIVE work on vaccines and health, plus gun-toting Bernie's support of the very bloks that the Dems lost in 2016: the the poor, and the White Working/Middle Class. Many right-wing libertarians and Constitutionalists revere JFK, anyway!

RFKjr. will be elected to become a revolutionary force in USA politics, something he was always destined to be. And so, the revenge of JFK will be complete, and lots of people in WDC shall lose their jobs. Assange and Snowden and Manning will all be selected to form the, "Information Giveaway Agency," and Al Gore will become an Secret Agent fighting Climate Denying corporations and governments. Russia and Canada will become one, and benefit us as our largest, most loving trading partner. The Department of Energy will recharge your batteries for free. Somehow, a way will be find to easilly convert atmospheric carbon dioxide in to diamonds, which can be used for jewelry, cutlery, fancy LED screens, toilet bowl cleaners, and massive, non-pulluting power plants. Millions of people will be paid to march into towns and care for local vegetable gardens and homeless shelters. Everyone will receive a guaranteed annual income of $100,000, paid in bills fashioned from recycled body ash. A great wall will be built to try to keep out the swarms of genetically modified carnivorous mosquitoes. Everyone will own a zebra, and Christmas will be the day we all gather the gifts we received all year long, and send them to the Muslims. 3D printers will just print us more. The government will pay out over 2 billion dollars to veterans injured by drinking water! Or, am I only dreaming?

See my tags for RFKjr., and, vaccines. And: Pinata!, and, The bogus, corporate Scientivist Backlash! Neener neener!
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