I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Free Boxes!

Weirdly, this post end up being all about me. Cuz I see a theme.

The times are going too fast for me. I am nothing but left in the dust/ OK - how is that for a humble intro?

Object lesson number one. Back in the days when I was trying to start an informal "cafe" for loonie stragglers to come in and discuss philosophy, even before coffee was all that, I advocated this idea amongst my friends: Just start a library where people can take books, and give them back if they want too. They can add their own books. (The idea of a, "Free Library," was begun by Benjamin Franklin, friend to Thomas Paine, and basically gave us today's version of the public library).

One day, some friend came back to me and said, "There is a little box outside this church in Stupidtown, offering books for free! And people can add books if they want! It is a tiny version of your idea!" Well, at least they openly said as much. But, yeah. Now we see little free library boxes all over the country. And I now live in Stupidtown. What were the odds? All my fricken books are in a storage facility in Yee Olde City...

(And, I had this great idea to start a business selling scratched and dented and expired cans of food.  I thought this could be a profitable way of getting into the business of charity!  But I thought, "No, there are surely government prohibitions of this sort of thing."  Nevertheless, the idea sprang up everywhere.  Boggles my mind).

The way I use pantries is this: I pick up stuff. I also secretly drop off stuff, for other people to use. That's what I did at the Salvation Army drop-off point in this town, before it stopped. Technically, it is immoral to pick up stuff from a drop-off point, right.

So, in modern times, I was searching for places in which to live, and I saw this CL ad, "Move your mobile home to our New Age place in Colorado!" Odd. So, I checked lots of things out. I looked up the nearest town on Wikipedia. And the Wiki entry said that this town had one of the few, "Free Boxes." Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

I wanted to tell Bee Girl all about, "Free Boxes," but have not yet gotten around to it. Check them out on Wiki HERE. Weirdly, this entry has been significantly pared down - because it is such a threat to commercialism. Boy that gets in my craw. It's a big f**king idea - and movement.

Not to fear! At least there is this good NPR report this morning! A New Type Of Food Pantry Is Sprouting In Yards Across America.

How about you dudes get with the movement, despite the stifling stomp of selfish capitalism, yes? Do it!
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