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I am the person who will destroy China.

Affordable Care is Up In the Air!

You might call me alt right.  I not entirely against the ACA.  But I must declare, pare back Pterodactyl Care! Retract!

No, but seriously.  One thing that killed the ACA is that it was a compromise made with Big Devil.  There's lots of good stuff in it which was essentially watered down by compromises, so that it comes out as basically, "well-meaning measures."  Little more than a remaining lure for liberal voters.  And, the predominance of its corporate agenda was pushed down people's throats, such that people who supported, "single-payer," were censured and boddilly thrown out of the innitial hearings.  I posted enough about it all back in the day.  So don't yell at me now.

And you might call me tin foil.  I never said I thought Obama did a bad job.  Quite to the contrary, I think Obama was a GREAT speech-writer!

No, but seriously.  Everybody is lauding how Obama speaks and inspires, but he's trying to get us into a war with Russia; he's had us in war in Syria, Libya, (Iraq, Afghanistan), and countless other places to some degree - using drones and proxies and CIA offings and false flags.  He has been responsible for the deaths of perhaps a million people.  He is the first president who's entire 8 years has been filled with war.  He is a puppet of the military establishment and of the central BANKS, who are drug and gun running criminals, to say the least.  He has persecuted and prosecuted more noble whistleblowers than any other president.  Remember when whistleblowing was protected by law?  Despite his announcement that his would be a transparent presidency, his administration has instead been overbearingly secretive and controlling.  He has supported the expansion of the national insecurity state, signing in numerous spying bills and so machines, just recently signing into law the "anti-fake news" bill, outside of public scrutiny.  He spent seven f**king years secretly working on the TPP - and other pro-corporate "trade" bills, and internet-control bills - without allowing public review and input, or rejection.  He has supported Hillary Clinton's corruption and lying, against Bernie Sanders.  He flubbed Democratic chances in 2016 by emphasizing the LGBT bathroom issue as a campaign issue - (I support LGBT rights but this was a bad political tactic - just as stupid as ending the super-majority, and limitting the filibuster, in the Senate, based on an assumption that Dems shall always win - which was Clinton's big mistake as well).  Yes he has fought global warming, but he stood aside and let BP get away with murder.  He was not the leader we needed after Fukushima, allowing many reactivity sensors around the country to be TURNED OFF. He allowed the smashing and cracking of peaceful OCCUPY protesters. He kissed bankster ass! Yes, he is a good father and possibly person, but that is not what is relevant!  And it is not relevant if he is black or not!  There's been more harm done to black-white relations in the last 8 years than since I don't know when.  It was all a big mistake, full of deceptions and hidden lies and obstinate determination to fulfill the bigger agenda.  And what bothers me the most about it all is the blind faith that DNC Dem followers have put in him, only making them more like GOPpers in their destructive intransigence.

When Obama won that night in 2008, I went to the door of the house, and shouted out, "Obama!"  because I was so glad.  I was glad for the blacks in my neighbourhood, too.  I was glad that that damn NAZI people in the neighbourhood did not get their way.  What a stupid, political mistake of a year 2009 was.  And today, I'm not so glad.  Obama was as bad or worse than Bush, and Trump will be as bad or worse than Obama.  Puppets.  Smiling lizard puppets.  Psychopaths with their delicious candy words.  Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump - Clinton...

Seven Psychopaths.
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