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Lofty discussion begins here:

When you are homeless, you are fake news.  You are not famous on TV and never will be.  You are not allowed public services which demand ID showing place of residence.  Landlords turn you away because you are homeless, and do not meet their excessive income requirements.  You may not be able to vote, even if you were capable of getting to the voting place.  Republicans are demanding that you have ID, ergo residence.

And, the Dems/GOP have been keeping the unemployment rate "down"-  by faking it, (like they have faked the SS standard-of-living stats, and the rate of inflation, and the news): Unemployed temp and part-time workers are not included in this "unemployment rate".  People who give up the job search out of exasperation and adversity are also not included.  And, most of all, homeless people are not included.  I guess they simply made a lifestyle choice.

You are fake news.  You are bad news.  You are sometimes not even officially homeless unless you are at a shelter, full of danger and depression.  Many food pantries won't accept you unless you prove that you are poor by producing evidence that you are already on government foodstamps, (in which case you might not NEED the pantry!)  Plus they also require ID - with address.  Proof of where you receive mail, like your heating bill?  What heat?  What mail?  And, at the shelter, you are expected not to talk like a normal human being, deserving of respect and self-respect - and fun.  You begin striking up a normal convo with some church woman handing out cans of food, and, quickly, her eyes and her legs skirt away.  Because you are not real.  You are trouble.

Step outside from under the microscope, and you remind people that they are using a microscope.  They are honouring you with platitudes and abstractions, mainly designed to bounce off mirrors.  But, at the same time, they niggle and spite and smite you, chastising you for stepping out of line.  If you don't, they will draw a different line.  So, they laud you, but make meat of you, through chatter, gossip, dumb oversights, complaints, benign neglect, forgetfulness, objectification - fear.  You may be one of the motley masses, ready to pounce.  You could be on drugs!  Maybe you're a Moslem!  And you are probably mentally ill, otherwise, why else would you choose this life of depravity?!

Yes, many, many homeless people are dangerous and ill - partly because that's what being ON THE EDGE does to anyone.  But there are also a lot of people who are homeless DUE to mental illness - oh, wait!  I mean DUE TO PROPER HELP AND ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE TO THE MENTALLY ILL BEING TAKEN AWAY, starting with the Regan Administration.  Then, Bill Clinton gave us the Crime Bill, and collapsed, "Welfare as We Know It."  Of course, there was the war on "drugs," which has been admitted to have been a deliberate war against BLACKS AND HIPPIES.

Oh, and, "Three-Srikes-You're-Out," not only gave us more prisoners, but also crowded prisons spilling various disturbed criminals back out into the streets.  Try to get a job after being a felon.  Try to get a life, when you are a shell-shocked, PTSD and/or ill VETERAN, getting little to no help when you come back home.

What is all of this, I am talking about?  What is this?  It is called CULLING THE HERD.  It is subconscious, automatic, and mass-produced - kinda like the whole conspiracy of SENDING OUR JOBS TO CHINA.  Or hiring infinite robots to build self-driving cars that we don't want and can't afford, because we have no jobs.  And we so have no homes.  The whole system that is habitually churning out poor people, all for the better American good, had encouraging them to be crazy - to fight amongst each other...

This system of violence and externalities, is monolythically opposed to your essential BEING, our PEACE, unless you are one of its elite.  Why do people ignore the homeless?  Because they are rushing to be somewhere else.  Why are they rushing to be somewhere else?  Because they are climbing the social ladder - the ladder of money and collusion, and it never-ending echo chamber collision of lies.  It is humanity LYING TO ITSELF.

It does not see you lying there.  It sees your sad excrement as a logistical puzzle to solve.  Like other inconvenient truths on this planet.  It sees itself.  As real.  Washing away fake news like you.  But, in fact, it is the lie.  It is the fake news.  That is why Jesus walked with the truth among the poor, not among the whitewashed elite and career politicians, where truth has no shelter.  And that is why Wikileaks is a good thing.

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I could not find a link for the story I heard this morning on NPR, re: The homeless in Seattle. I am providing other links. Yes, services for the homeless have been improving in various progressive cities, like Seattle. These are not solving the overriding structural problems. National homeless numbers went down a bit in 2016. That is certainly because of the coordinated efforts to reduce homelessness amongst Veterans!

While other big cities have had more difficult problems in 2016, NYC numbers went down, due to this national programme. Guess what city came out as Number One, reducing it's homeless Veterans population last year to ZERO? Yee Olde City! (I know the guy who spearheaded that. I also have a friend in Philly who helps the homeless in a big way. He sent me a pic of him meeting with the Pope. BTW - I was homeless briefly once - in Philly!)

An essential problem behind homelessness, I feel, is not so much that the poor cannot afford places to stay, but they do not own land, whereupon they may live. In big cities, most people do not own land - they rent apartments. If their income fails, then suddenly they become disappeared, in a way - non-people, because they are not grounded on their own land. However, in big cities, there are also services existing to help the poor, which somewhat ameliorate homelessness.

That is not true in rural areas, where farming conglomerates are buying up the land. The land is also being owned by miners, drillers, foresters, suburban sprawl and governments. Out West, and in rural America, lots of people and corporations own the land - while many people - the poor - are losing farms, homes and land.

The poor on famished land have little help, and the best they can hope for is to RENT a lot in a mobile home park. Mobile home parks can trap them there, unable to sell their homes and afford to move. As in virtually all other countries, impoverished farmers, labourers, mobile home dwellers, etc., generally have no other recourse but to move into cities to squat or rent, once they become landless.

Those who can manage to hold onto their land may survive. But, once they lose it, they have nothing near the safety nets which exist in the cities. The wave of homelessness that has been occurring in the cities ever since Reagan is paralleled by an even bigger wave of impoverishment, death and homelessness in rural areas.

This wave has been affecting the part of the middle class called, "the working class." And this is what the Democratic Party failed to address, because its urban identity politics disallowed it from catering to, "white trash." Nevertheless, the plight of the rural poor is being generated by the same skewed economic forces which are generating the plight of the urban poor, talk of racism and reverse-racism aside.

The important point, for future discussion, is that LAND OWNERSHIP is what is needed to fight homelessness. Land is not fake. Land is heart. Land is REAL estate. Ideas like homesteading, land co-ops, mobile home park co-ops, tenant ownership co-ops, and intentional communities, are a great beginning. Last links:

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