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A trip down Marijuana Way.

I am reposting these first two maps from a link in my Oct.23, 2016 post.  Other pot posts HERE and HERE.  To get further breakdown, esp. of California, hit the links beneath either of the pics.

This map shows the perceived great risk of harm from smoking marijuana.  The darkest areas contain the highest percentage of people who feel that marijuana is very unhealthy.

Marijuana use in one month, among people aged 12 or older. The darkest areas indicate the highest usage.  The data is based on a federal survey conducted over two years from 2012 to 2014.

First of all, here is a more general map, showing pot-use, by state, only. I am posting it for you, because it does differ a little from the map directly above, in that South Carolina is shown as having a higher percentage of pot-users, and such.

From: The High Life: Here Are The States Where The Most People Are Tokin' Up - (As it notes, it somewhat resembles the 2016 Electoral College map, "with the highest levels of consumption per capita coming from the liberal strongholds of New England and the West Coast. Meanwhile, Montana seems to be the one conservative outlier where people love both their individual liberties and tokin' up on the reg").

Discussion: Weirdness prevails when we see that there is some correlation between areas where pot is feared, and where pot is smoked!  (This is a nice example of how surface stats can be deceiving, and can be used for political agendas).  Pot fear is often is states where there is high pot usage.  Does this mean that the pot smokers are freaking out?  No.  Of course, pot smokers may have some health concerns.  But the real reason is that these are areas of high polarity between strict conservatives and lib-liberals.  That is certainly true of ultra-Northern California; Oregon; Montana; Michigan; upper NY, etc.  And New Hampshire is right in the middle of pot-smoking New England.

So, these conservatives are near lib pot-smokers, and they are riled by it all.  But it is interesting that high pot usage evolves in such skitzo states, isn't it?  That is where people tug and tussle over these polar issues.  One or the other camp wins.  And, in the first map, it is the conservative who get their voice; and in the latter, it is the libs.  On the other hand, what probably puts the libs over the top has been the synthesis of some left and some right on the issue of pot, mainly by libertarians, who are mainly liberal, but are sometime conservative, on other issues.  This alliance is analogous to the left-right alliance I speak of when I talk of Sanders/Trump and the working class.  It IS possible.  Now that Trump is in, says an article or two, the real winner is MARIJUANA.  Some group is handing out free joints at his Inauguration.  Wish you were there.

Well, for all the conservatives who have been paranoid about the safety issues concerning pot, preferring to insulate themselves and others in a morality of alcohol, here comes a fresh new study showing that there is a correlation between increased pot use, AND REDUCED TRAFFIC FATALITIES!

There was a very recent article saying that increased personal marijuana use was correlated with reduced headaches.  I couldn't find this report, but there have been ample accounts of pot helping against migraines, and other illnesses,  Here are a few marijuana health articles:

What Are the Health Benefits of Marijuana?
Medical Marijuana and Headaches, Tension
Marijuana for migraines
Cannabinoids Heal the Body

And yet, there are also health concerns, including:
Marijuana-Related Headaches?!
Cannabis users five times more like to develop schizophrenia than someone who has never smoked it
Unnecessary Environmental Destruction from Marijuana Cultivation in the United States
(Jan 12) - Promise and perils of marijuana deserve more scientific scrutiny

For our next gallivant, keep in mind what the guy said above, that the pro-pot map(s) looks like those who voted Dem in the recent election. I have some kind of little interesting discussion on that. Plus a map!
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