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How We Define Existence – Part One

Posted on 2017.01.02 at 20:31
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(On some days, you’re just a Thoroughly Unclear Reactor).

LJ people sometimes write that they have had a bad day. Nothing seemed to go right. Everything they did was a mistake, big or small. Stupid things happened, out of the blue, and by accident. In fact, I was one of these people. Yes, I too, have had such bad days – almost every day. Because of CFS, I have had an opportunity to study why and how these bad days happen. I also have my own ideas, having to do with the universe, and all that. So, here is one answer:

You are having a bad day, because you are tired!

Well, before we explore this challenging concept in a metaphysically obtuse fashion, I should mention another explanation as to why people have had bad days. So, here is another answer:

You are having a bad day, because Karma is being bad!

Believe it or not, these two phenomena are related. However, I probably won’t be able to explain why, until we get to Class #402. However, I shall briefly mention something about the Karma allegation...

You all know about my thoughts on, “The Origami Universe.” In the Origami Universe, there is a kind of folding-over, or stretching in, of infinity, to produce for us (an existence which experiences) meaning, coincidence, belief, self-importance, love, creativity, dreams, and sp on. This involves a bleeding-over of alternate world-lines, or subatomic potentialities, en masses. It is the gross function of our own “observation”, or aliveness.

What I have just described may be seen as a description of Karma – GOOD Karma, basically. When you tune into the wonders of an Origami Universe, you kinda get into the flow. Stress lessens. Perception is enhanced. Time means and feels less. It’s kinda like being in slow motion in a terrible car accident, observing every tiny thing – except you are not being thrown out of control. You are in a participatory kind of control. And, so come the rushes of faith, of wonder, of dopamine, and so on.

Good things are happening, because this is good Karma.

But bad Karma happens, too. And, so, bad Karma is like the opposite of the good stuff I just described. The Origami Universe is now, instead, throwing you blanks. Stress increases. Time-demands become excessive. Adrenalin depletes. Everything is external and material and irritating. This is a bad day. Accidents will happen.

How can the Origami Universe throw you, not orderly meaning and coincidence and synchronicity, but a big torrent of entropy, instead? Well, this is the other side of the Origami coin – as the Devil is to God. Or as bad caffeine is to good caffeine. The great things in the universe could not prevail long, if not for some background being present – some background of lesser wonder and delight – by which they are defined.

Signal, against noise.

I came up with a way of describing the phenomenon of noise and stress, and meaning being wrought from it nonetheless: “reactivity”. It is not unrelated to how the OTHER, more magical side of Origami Nature works. It is the same ultra-bizarre physics.

But, just as there have been dualists in past religions: Good versus Evil, God versus Devil, there is something higher than both, which creates both, or chooses each, and that is our willful consciousness, which is shared with that of the universe, which others might call the Christian super-God. Except, Christians don’t come close to seeing that our own personal “observation” and life is the very dynamic by which “God” is manifest.

What is the difference between good Karma and bad Karma? Choice. And, so we see in the Hindu religion, that ours is to choose. If we choose well, we transmigrate into a better form of animal. If we choose poorly, we fall backwards into more of a hell.

As much as you can, you must choose to transcend the reactivities of your bad days.

But, when you are very, VERY tired, this is not so easy to do. And. If you are ill or tired or weak or poor or marginal, others will prey on you, ironically as they laud you, and push to cull you from their pack. Shall you fall back into a life with some lower species? Shall you prevail into something higher? The answer cannot come from physical reality alone – nor even from the soundness of your mind. The answer must come from something stronger in you, or there is no answer at all.

Be sure to be around for Part 2. Do not throe thee to the woes of oh-so knowful but blue depression, yo. - signed, Maglev Ubermann.

S.A.D. Hangover

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