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Just what we need in January: A whole lot more hot air and bluster!

I was surprised to hear through my brain fog, this morning, NPR interviewing some guy who clearly avowed that there is no evidence behind the Obama-CIA Administration's claim that Russia has now hacked into Vermont electrical grid computers - well, a laptop.  And it was off the grid.  And it was outdated software.  Which had nothing to do with Russia.  But.  It was amazing and refreshing to hear NPR giving vent to an alternate view, i.e., the truth.  Forever anon, NPR, with the corpocrat media, has been dutifully biased against Russia.  It followed along reporting that the problems in Ukraine were instigated by the Russians, rather than the Soros West, and associated neo-NAZI's.

(Remember George Soros?  The foremost individual contributor to Hillary Clinton?  He has his own instigation corporation right there in Ukraine.  Remember Ukraine?  Endless wheat-fields for Monsanto?  Gas and Oil pipelines?  Ancient Containment policy?).

NPR biased against Bernie when he was running, and then switched the same tactics over to biasing against Trump.
Trump was forever being interpreted as being pro-violence, pro-Russia, and therefore involved in Russia's alleged hacking of the DNC, etc., based on such silly remarks as:

"Hey, Democratic Party!  If you don't stop messing with these people, some of them might get violent." Note: This sort of statement is often referred to as, "The truth."  They did it to Bernie supporters, and even sponsored violence at Bernie rallies in the past.  They rigged against Bernie overtly and covertly.  They tampered with voting machines in the past.  (Ugh it sickens me.  But I'll have to write more on this later).  So, why wouldn't it be reasonable to expect that they might pull the same crap against Trump?  Which they did?

   - - -   Or, this statement:

"Hey, Russia!  I really wouldn't mind if you released the truth about Hillary and the DNC, lol!" -  This statement is re-manufactured into an entire week of calling Trump a traitor, and probably an ally with Russia.  Instead of dealing with the truth about Hillary which Wikileaks was releasing.  Instead, they said that Wikileaks could not be trusted, the leaks were FAKE NEWS!  Julian Assange is a Rusky!  And so they had someone break into the Ecuadoran Embassy to try to attack him.

As the election first started, the Dems created this, "Russia is the Boogeyman!" propaganda.  From the very beginning.  (They simultaneously took the blame OFF of the Muslim Jihady's; and they hid campaign-doner Saudi Arabia's sponsoring of ISIS, and involvement in 9/11).  So, they put in in the cards to blame Russia for, "hacking the election," later on.  "Hacking the election?!"  What does this mean?  Did they hack voter machines?  No.  Because after Trump bringing out into the open that the election was being rigged, it was Clinton, hiding behind Stein, who unfairly demanded recounts, (not in states that swung for Clinton, but for Trump), based on no evidence: They proved that there was no pro-Trump hacking!

(When it was first reported that Stein wanted recounts, I thought, "WTF!  Stein does not have legal STANDING!"  Although some states went through, sure enough, I believe it was Michigan who properly concluded that Stein did not have standing.  Clinton, who did have standing, did NOT spearhead the move to recount, because she was hamstrung by her own attacks on Trump for claiming that the election was being rigged by the DNC machine.  BTW - evidence is coming out that the Dems did try to rig some machines.  That is no surprise, because both sides do it, and both sides stand aghast, agog, thunderstruck like sanctimonious deer in headlights, as if the VERY IDEA of it never even happens!)

But that did not stop the media, including NPR, from supporting the psych-out, psy-op mind-game: The meme that Russia was behind everything, and Trump was some kind of agent for the KGB, or such.

There was never any proof that "Russia" - i.e., Putin's government - had hacked into the DNC.  In fact, Julian Assange said that Russia was not the source for the leaks.  (WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says "there is no proof whatsoever"...). It was probably another disenfranchised DNC person.  Even the FBI said there could be no certainty that Russia had done the hacking.  But then it was forced to step in line, and declare along with many other politicised intelligence agencies that, yes, it was Russia.  "But we can't really show you the evidence."  And Obama kept saying, "We will have solid proof next week," and that never materialised.  It was a complete sham.

When there was recently a ceasefire brokered by Russia in Syria, NPR merely referred to, "a ceasefire," not, "the ceasefire brokered by Russia," and so forth.

(Let us not forget that the "USA" rogue government, and/or the Obama-CIA Administration, sponsored and funded and armed Al Qaeda and ISIS; promoted their videotapes and terror events, and pretended to go to war with ISIS while actually protecting ISIS - until Russia dared to come in and kick ISIS ass.  This is why said "government" hates Russia - because corrupt USA/global CORPORATE and military-industrial-bankster MONEY hates Russia.  Big Energy hates Syria, because of the gas pipeline and oil/routes.  Monsanto hates Syria because Syria, like Russia and Ukraine, HATES GMOs and associated devo-elopment.  Israel hates Syria because it is Arab and nearby.  The USA militants hate Syria because it became an ally of Communist USSR in the 1950's, and the policy CONTINUES to be to destabilise and control these former satellites of the USSR - Syria, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya).

Endless, endless overt and covert biases, just oozing out everywhere.  But, they are shaping up a little bit lately.  And, I may discuss that in some other post.  This HERE post is mainly about the phony, false-flag set-up called, "The Russian Hacking of the Vermont Power Grid - "Threatening to Bring Down National Power Grid for Christmas!"  Apparently, this claim may have been set up in order to legitimise claims of early (DNC) "Russian hacks", and so rationalise the sanctions, etc., on Russia.

Thus, virtually simultaneously to the convenient Vermont news story, Obama gave an address, saying that he would dictate retaliation at Russia, for the DNC, etc., hacks.  He said he had abundant evidence that Putin was behind the DNC, etc., hacks - although we people have YET to receive any valid evidence.

(Half of our intelligence apparati do not havea clue as to how computers and the internet works.  And half are corrupt as sin, devoted to installing corporatism, at the behest and puppetry of whatever political party.  Let me tell you, the powers that be will continue to actively oppose Trump, and he will not survive the Presidency.  I'm am pretty sure of this).

Very soon after Obama's announcement, a Russian ambassador was mudered in Turkey.  And then another Russian official was murdered.  And, then a Russian airliner came down in the Black Sea.  Par for the course, but not proved.  But if any of this had to do with Obama's command, it was only a beginning...

Obama put forth (more stupid) sanctions, and the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the USA.  This was self-serving drama, partly meant to trip up Trump.  When Russia failed to play into a game of tit-for-tat, they once again rendered Obama a fool, as they did in Syria a number of times.  (The Russian people agree with Putin that this was just the childish death throes of a lame-duck president).

Well, when a Russian official recommended that Russia respond in-kind to the USA's expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, "suspected of being spies," and other sanctions, I just twisted and turned!  "That would have lame," I thought.  "Trump is coming in soon!  And to withdraw dips from USA would only legitimise Obama's mind-war.  How could master chess-players make this mistake?!"  But, to my delight, Putin came in and said there would be no withdrawal from the USA, "Instead, come to our country for the lighting of the Christmas Tree!" - [Orthodox Xmas, January 7, I believe, or 9].  Then, Trump came in, saying Putin's move was brilliant!

Everything, now, is about the Obama legacy.  I could write more elsewhere on this.  But here: Obama wants to look good on ISIS; wants to defeat legitimate, non-baby-killer Assad; wants Hillary still to win - which is still being worked on, and wants Russia to be blamed for everything - instead of him or Hillary or Kerry being at fault.  Kerry's whole anti-Israel speech was a part of this, "legacy putsch," and set up to make the Trump presidency stumble.   Obama wants to look like he defeated Muslim terrorism somehow.  And a good way to do that is to keep blaming Russia for everything, like Russia's supposed attempt to hack and destroy our power grid.

Again, Obama has declared, "We will have solid proof for you on this - next week."  Again, next week never happened!  Because it is all bullshit.  It doesn't matter to them: they are playing a mind-game, trying to, as Karl Rove said, "Create our own REALITY for you to study, because we are EMPIRE!"  THEY WILL NEVER STOP!  Because global, corrupt BIG MONEY is behind it.

I won't even go into the technical reasons why there can be no certainty behind WHERE any hacks have come from.  I might do a post on this later.  The guy on NPR this morning gave a view close to my own.  But, enough about me...  Here is the latest, "ALT-RIGHT, FAKE NEWS," largely exposing the truth, exposing the lies, even between its own lies.  You get to be the critical thinker!  You get to compare and contrast!  You get to be FREE!

Don't let them HACK YOUR MIND!

Start here:

Dec.31: More Bullsh*t Fake News from Washington Post See also the Greenwald / INTERCEPT links therein. Greenwald is a hero of mine. (Left-wing, by the way, if that antiquated language still applies).

Dec.12: UK Ambassador: Russia DNC Hacking Claims Are “Bullsh*t”

Dec.29: Details Still Lacking on Russian DNC ‘Hack’

Dec.29: Report on ‘Russian DNC hacking’ offers disclaimers, barely mentions Russia

Dec.30: Shock: Joint FBI-Homeland Security report fails to prove Russians behind Clinton leaks

Dec.30: “It’s A Plot, The Russians Are Coming”: Obama Illegally Sanctions Russia for Nonexistent US Election Hacking

Dec.29: WikiLeaks: Obama kicking out diplomats breaches intl law, Moscow should wait till Trump in office

Dec.30: Kremlin: New sanctions underline Obama admin’s ‘unpredictable & aggressive’ foreign policy

Dec.30: Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow “Intended to Box In Donald Trump”. Evidence that Hacking of DNC Accusations are Fake

Dec.30: Ex-CIA Agent on Report Tying Russia to DNC Election Hacking: ‘Absolutely No Evidence’

Dec.29: Mainstream message: Former CIA Director, John Nixon, who was the first man to interrogate Saddam Hussein, appeared on MSNBC Thursday to talk about the whole Russian hacking fiasco: Officer “deeply disturbed” over Trump’s remarks.- Oh, yeah! That whole, Saddam Hussein thing! I remember THAT! Goaded into the war. Weapons of mass destruction. Everyone in the government backed the USA propaganda. Millions died or became migrants. Into Syria. INTO ISIS! Yeah, I remember all that! As I recall, it was some kind of bullshit, yes? For oil? And Containment? Yep!

Dec.31: Selected Articles: “Hacking” Report: Escalation of Obama’s Anti-Russian Campaign

Dec.30: Washington Post Publishes False News Story About Russians Hacking Electrical Grid

Dec 31: Russian Hackers Said To "Penetrate US Electricity Grid" Using Outdated Ukrainian Malware

Dec.31: FAKE NEWS: No, Russia did NOT hack the U.S. electricity grid!

Dec.31: Washington Post’s Fake News of Russian Vermont Power Plant Hack

Jan.1: FAKE NEWS: WaPo retracts story about Russian hack

Dec.29: FOIA: DC police never actually investigated PizzaGate – lied about it: DC police caught in a lie

Dec.29: Obama Quietly Signs Propaganda Act to Counter ‘Fake News’ – EU to Follow Suit

Dec.29: Selected Articles: Obama Signs “Fake News” Propaganda Act, Western Media Spreads Post-Berlin ISIS Hysteria

Jan.1: Clinton Foundation CEO Declared ‘Missing’ By the Internet After Going Public Saying ‘Follow the Money’

Jan.1: Wikileaks 2017: Wikileaks could release even more damaging material against Clinton Inc.

101 NOTE: Various standard news sources, such as the L.A.Times, are still reporting that "the hack" has been traced to an outdated malware code, "dubbed 'Grizzly Steppe' by the Obama administration." Yahoo and other mainstream media have been reporting this for the past 2-3 days. It is being reported as if it is some kind of definitive truth: it is not. On NPR today, some CIA official asserted that they are able to pinpoint hack sources - because this is the same malware which they found associated with the Korean hack on - who was it, I forgot... anyway, at the time, I concluded that THAT so-called hack was ALSO probably a fake. That aside, finding a similar malware has nothing to do with the SOURCE. Malwares migrate. Hackers use proxies and alternate IP addresses. Hackers use substitute internet devices and locations. You can't impute Putin just because a hacker uses Russian text! Because a hack seems to come from Russia does not mean it has anything to do with Putin's government. And who's to say all of this isn't just a false flag, set up to validate the claim that Russia is the DNC hacker, and so deserves to be punished? That is the way so many games have been played in the past. It's pathetic, either way.

Glenn Greenwald: Proof That Russian Vermont Hack is Fake News!

Apparently, the Post did not even bother to contact the company before running its wildly sensationalistic claims, so Burlington Electric had to issue its own statement to the Burlington Free Press, which debunked the Post’s central claim (emphasis in original): “We detected the malware in a single Burlington Electric Department laptop NOT connected to our organization’s grid systems.”

So the key scary claim of the Post story — that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid — was false. All the alarmist tough-guy statements issued by political officials who believed the Post’s claim were based on fiction.

Even worse, there is zero evidence that Russian hackers were even responsible for the implanting of this malware on this single laptop. The fact that malware is “Russian-made” does not mean that only Russians can use it; indeed, like a lot of malware, it can be purchased (as Jeffrey Carr has pointed out in the DNC hacking context, assuming that Russian-made malware must have been used by Russians is as irrational as finding a Russian-made Kalishnikov AKM rifle at a crime scene and assuming the killer must be Russian).
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