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HOUSE - oh snap

Winnebago 1

Posted on 2016.12.28 at 17:02
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This guy is pissed because so many things are sticking out of his head.

Actually, this guy, "Decorah," led to the naming of a central town in the midwest, "Driftless" area, Decorah, Iowa. Here you will find old hippies of every stripe, which doesn't matter because they are all similar in being old hippies. Well, the so-called, "Driftless," area is a geological phenomenon stretching across Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and a wee bit of Illinois. But, there is also a hippie, sometimes off-the-grid, culture associated with it. Interestingly, most of this area was also the stomping ground of the wide WINNEBAGO Native American culture, in years gone yore. Most of this culture, which survives, is now called the Wisconsin Ho-Chunk, properly, except for the Winnebago culture in Nebraska. Not much survived in Illinois, except for a county name, and, "Prophetstown."

Out of this culture, in Northern Illinois, came a prophet, named, Wabokieshiek. He said a lot of things that people hewed to, until he reported that the British would be coming to the aid of the Ho-Chunk/ Winnebago in the Blackhawk Wars, which were associated with the War of 1812. But, when this never came to be, his use as a prophet were eschewed, which is a word everybody loves, am I right?

But the weirdness is this: I do recall, from my many centuries of living, that the British actually did help the Blackhawk forces somewhat. So. There is a little incongruity here. Everybody hates incongruity!

I am strangely intrigued by the Blackhawk wars. They appeared at exactly the same time as the development of the Transcendental movement in Massachusetts, for one thing. This is how cross-population movements happen. They do not seem to be connected, but they have related underlying causes, (precursors to the Civil War, like the War with Mexico). The Blackhawk wars were a terrible and forgotten thing. But they helped stamp a mentality of mean, bastard, niggardliness in the area, nevermind Chicago's Westward-ho profiteering. Why? The bellicosity never settled, and survived as a whole lot of common passive aggression amongst the dominant whites. But, more on this in another post - not all is bad. I refer to the white named Mack.

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