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I am the person who will destroy China.

madman as prophet

I have been thinking about the possibility of this for a long time, coming at it from many directions.  I am now certain, though nondescript:

I can tell you that there will soon be large upswellings of, "new religions," coming, in important areas of the world, including China, Russia and the USA.  In this country, there will be instances of "divine revellations" or sightings.  I have no idea of what these will involve, I am only conveying what my metadata head is telling me.  They might include aliens/UFOs, or not.  Most will include tradition-religion iconography.   They will be anarchic or populist, possibly apocalyptic.  I do believe it is possible that the prophesies of Edgar Cayce may apply.  China may become more "Christian-like," and Russia may become a culture for freedom.  I also believe that these inspirations may be hapless presages of world war.  There are just too many conjunctions to deny the possibility of these things.

Social-scientifically: It is unlikely that global warming, and extraneous forces, with human population-increase, and mass migrations, shall not lead to local uprisings of religious fervour and apparitions.  Economic conditions are favourable.  And it is probable that these could presage wars.  These things will happen in different regions of the globe, and also encourage international wars.  If you like money, this is where it's at.

Simplistically, there has been a consistent move towards mythology in recent centuries.  This has lately been amplified by mass-media, via, "Camelot," "Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings," and so on.  We see parallels in theoretical physics.  But, just as we so often fail to see that it is emotions which underlie words, it is spirit which underlies myth or religion - and what does that mean?  It partly means the spirit of trying to remain alive.

Localised and regional economic failures, and the shifting of relative popular economic expectations between USA and China, etc., (as underlined by Donald Trumpism), will inevitably lead not merely to the dream-like imagery of neo-mythology, but to an underlying spirituality of discontent.  Like it or not, existential spiritualiity is directly related to substinance.  That's a good thing.  Natural.  Real.  In localities or regions where the economy fails - the logging, mining, agricultural or INDUSTRIAL, economy fails, there will be  conglomerations of affected people who's spirits will contrive myths, apparitions and religions, which push against the status quo.

OK - I have figured this out...  The rise of Marian Apparitions in Europe occurred in the 1830's, (same time as American Transcendentalism), and ended prior to WWII. This roughly sprouted out of a Celtic-Paulician religious view that there was a good God and a bad God, as opposed to Rome's ONE god, somehow brokering good and evil.  The Celtic-Paulician view goes from Portugal to the Pyrenees and France, to Bulgaria - to Armenia.  (Armenia is said, by some, to be the truest representation of Christianity).

OK, when I say, "Celtic-Paulician," I also mean, PRE-INDO-EUROPEAN- Paulician.  That means a lot of Portuguese, Bulgarian, Etruscan, etc.  So, what I am seeing here, is an historical, maybe-loose, alliance of Celts, and pre-Indo-Europeans.  Makes absolute sense.  Going back to Gallacea, Scythia and Armenia.  So.  Yeah.  This really works.  In a lot of ways I am not mentioning.

Anyway, from these general dregs, came the economic backlash against post-indutrialisation after 1833.  Portugal, Spain, upper Italy.  Well, this is precisely where fascism originated, presaging WWII.  This is not by coincidence.  This is the bereft mountain people, (white trash), contriving new or revived mythologies to "attempt to" dysmotivate people allied with "the powers that be" - ultimately leading to world war and not so much advance for their own regions.

Homework project:  Compare this to USA now.

Back to now.  The best place to look for these trends are, in the USA, those states which weirdly switched to support Trump - Michigan, Indiana, Penn, Wisc.  The post-post-Rustbelt States.  If you have a heart, like me, you should feel for these people, and disregard their fanaticism, except where it harms, and you will try to help.

The internet will definitely help these movements.  But there are two problems here.  Number one is that the government(s) can shut so-deemed, "Fake News," down.  The other problem is that, in real massive emergencies, the entire internet may be shut down.

That is why local, word-of-mouth, and PAPER, must be considered to be important.  My internet friends, you must be investing in these.

Oh, good.  I get to btw mention that I hate bitcoin.  With the USA government, Goldman Sachs, Bank America, Morgan-Chase, etc., all manipulating the dollar, especially by overextending gold contracts, the price of gold has been kept down to $1200 when it should be AT LEAST $3000.  But nobody is factoring in the additional pressure on gold prices from BITCOIN!  Bitcoin, by being an alternate preserver and international conveyor of wealth, has been eating away at the rising value of gold, as well.  Well, not to fret, the large collapse is yet to come, and so both gold and maybe bitcoin shall profit.  You see - from these real economic predictions, which traders capitalise on, come such things as religious cult movements, a tad too late to make money.  But, it's all basically the same thing.  Sad.

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