I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"

Before I moved here, I spent several years in a granny home without cable TV, pretty much.  I didn't mix or mingle except for with the CFS poltergeists.  I tried to start an altruistic non-profit in a city falling apart, thinking I was an alien, which I was.  I am an alien.  But that's another story.  The point is, I was fairly separated from the decline of American civilisation, which all of you have come to know and love.

When I moved here, I was accosted by asshole neighbours downstairs, with their earth-moving stereo, and pit-bull, and smoke, and banging, and so forth.  I gave himn BBQ utensils as a gesture of neighbourlines.  He kept testing me and testing me.  So, I went to his door and confronted him.  He lied.  So I patted him on the arm and said, "You are my brother."  Nice nice.  Bye bye.

From inside my lower vestibule(?), I heard him suddenly shouting, "Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"  So, I later mocked this, by yelling, "Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!" at one point where those neighbours were continuing to passive-aggressively mess with me.  And, these folks, they were set on playing the same violent DVD at 2 or 3 am in the morning, banging and crashing and shaking the house in intermittent explosions of bombs and guns and cars crashing.  This was possibly the only DVD they owned, or something, cuz they played it about a dozen or more times.

I recently saw the movie, "Doctor Strange."  Fine that it comes from a comic book.  But it was pretty much silly, and chock full of humanly impossible violence.  I have seen other recent movies, full of violence, and also full of foul language.  "Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"

Tonight I went to see the movie, "Office Christmas Party," paying an unexpected $8.  There were only about 7 people in the theatre, on a Saturday night.  There was first endless advertisments, well past the BEGIN time for the movie.  Into the movie, some people laughed at jokes which were dubious and uncouth.  This movie was not too bad.  It was like a prettied-up version of the deplorable, "A Very Merry Harold-and-Kumar Christmas," (which was one of the worst movies I have ever seen).  There was no way this movie would be as THAT movie, if Jennifer Annisten was in it.  So, it was fine in some ways.

But it was full of gratuitous swearing and leudness.  And people were watching it like it was real life, when they giggled at the normative gags from Mary.  It was like they were numb to the whole impossibility of it, yet felt they could relate like buddies to the characters.  More, "Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"  I don't decry any of this out of any kind of Puritanism, but because it all so much useless fluff.  It reminds me of how I have always felt about corruption, and which I think was echoed in, "The Big Short," agreat movie, also including too much foul-mouthing....  "I do not fight corruption because I think it is morally BAD!  I fight it because IT DOES NOT WORK.  In all of history, corruption has been an indicator of failure!"  (Or such and such).  It's true - and it's true for crap-mouth in movies.

I don't need my time and money wasted by things my mind does not have to ponder or process.  What?  Am I supposed to feel like I am now living an exciting life through a movie because all these work-place-forbidden words are kicking me in the ear, and these crashing cars and guns and bass-drum punches are thuding my chest as if I was in real danger?  I do not have to exit my real life in order to experience that.  I know what real-life violence is and, rather than both cower and crave it, like so many ninnies, I choose not to be drawn into it - so why would I want it in a movie?

In fact, to leave the movie, at 9:pm on a psychotically Xmas Saturday night, I slipped into a film-noir alley, then down dark streets in the worst part of the "inner city", then up to the gas station where the owner was shot dead, and where there are always massive gangs of idle hooligans swarming for no good reason, then up the busy street to my apartment.  But before I got there, some large black guy yelled some stupid thing at me, or who knows what.  I don't know what it was.  As I went into my apartment, He shouted, "Fuck that shit!"  Did I tell you about the gunshots around me a month or so ago, as I loligagged off on my special day?  Did I tell you of all the other gunshots, and giant firecrackers - or the time I had to get the tenant mentioned above to chop me in the neck, just so I could try to get him thrown out of the building?  Or how about my own relative who tried to kill me?  (Or, at least that's what he thought he was doing).  Or how about the guy who was hot dead on the lot I owned in Yee Olde City.  OMG - the incidents go on forever: fires, guns, drugs, slashed tires, etc.  So, no, I really don't need any of this wasteful stupidity in my life, or in my movies.

And I'm like, WHO wants to see this?  People who already have it in their lives, and they are aspiring to be super-bad gang leaders?  Supurban white fools who have no solid lives of their own who envy the apparent excitement and have some kind of idyllic death wish?  Or what?  I don't see the point in any of it - other than to placate these people, and also shut up others simply by force of the volume.

I watched DVD, "Monty Python: Almost the Truth."  Actually 3 DVDs.  Veyr good.  I might have more to say about it later, or else, say no more.  I will say here that these guys came out of a virtually fatherless, &/or motherless, time, following WWII, and despite all their wit, they did fixate on a lot of swearing, and nudity, and gross violence.  They (thought they) were breaking norms, but looking back-side at it, it just seems lame and childish.  Much as I respect and love Monty Python, I thought that they were kind of a good thing gong bad, going to seed.  And then Margaret Thatcher came in, despite all the punks.  Anyway, Britain has not really been in any kind of upswing, despite all the creative forces unleashed by the Beatles, Wilson, Sellers, Milligan, Monty Python, Pink Floyd, Brexit, or wut.  It's all been decades of treading the waters of post-imperialism.

I feel that this pop decadence has been handed over to us, to no common profit.  "Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"  Really.  What is the use of it?  I thought that my neighbour might be imitating fiction, but now fiction is imitating life, and loop-de-loop...  "Some kind of infinite regression"...

This is what is feeding our imaginations?  A whole lot of brown-coloured verbal packing peanuts?  It is like an ever-amplified wall of force trying to shake us from our bony ways, our status-quo paralysis, and introduce us to new friends, new life, to open up our eyes by fear and folly, to the latest advertisements.  It's rather ghastly that we are induced into this madness.  So, let me tell you about this status-quo madness, which sells products...  which shoots people out of their boots and into orbits of godforsaken corporate ideas...

It's OK, right?, to look back on Hollywood films of bygone decades, and criticise them for being homophobic, racist, sexist, etc.?  So, is it only OK to criticise films today if they are made by Charlton Heston?  No.  Alex Jone has a point in saying that so many of our modern films portray young women as super-human heroes, with their ultra-physical blacks as side-kicks, and white men as being either enemies, or as lovelorn appendages.  Seriously, the future will look at so many of today's big-box-office films this way.  Look at, "Christmas Party," at, "Rogue," at, "Arrival," - the list is just endless.  The thing is, life does not happen like this - but so many, eager, gullible people are gobbling this up, and voting for Hillary Clinton, while the backlash is voting for Donald trump, and guess what?  No reality!  No Bernie Sanders.  Hollywood, is just catering to our groupisms, feeding our egos, playing identity politics, and blasting it away through mega-violence and mind-numbing stupidity.

"Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"

Do you know what this is?  It is divide-and-conquer, by our own consent.  It is what we want.  It is what we, who defer to, and imitate, status-quo authority, obliging process into the decline of empire.  Group against group, identity against identity.  It is we who repeat these mantras of vulgarity, who usher in our own fall, our own submission of our wealth over to the upper 1%.  Do you know that since 2008 - both the Great Recession and the rise of the House of Obama - that 95% of the wealth gained in business WENT TO THE UPPER 1%.  AND WE ARE SITTING HERE WATCHING THIS CRAP - this crap getting louder and louder and more and more profane - to what point?  To who's profit?  Just to get us addicted and keep buying tickets.

It is like divide-and-conquer via the 6 media mega-corporations who are simply catering to the desire for people to lap up the looniness of Trump - until after the primary, when they try to switch back to the traditional Dem-vs-GOP horse-race, just to sell ads, to sell tickets.  Don't you see?  Capitalism itself is designed to divide-and-conquer.  And the best of the bestest psychopaths rise into preeminence, just to grease these wheels.  But - the main point is to keep us separated FROM OUR OWN SELVES.  Seriously  What is this to you:  "Mother fucker this! And mother fucker that!"  Is that in any way any part of your own soul?  Does that have anything to do with whom you are as a sentient creature?  DO you aspire to cluck about the planet harping this refrain, that one day you might be in some kind of spotlight - oh - most certainly if you carry hot lead and lots of political hot air?

Then shield your eyes!  Cover your ears!  You are being made an agent of decline.  All your friends and family?  You are the one pulled to sabotage them!  Is this what you want?  Desist!

I don't know the use of it, other than to both shut us up, and then to spark hostility between us.  That's what their dollar needs to do - in order to stay top dollar: eliminated the competition - whilst keeping it in line, buying.  Sad to think of it that way - and nobody does - BUT THAT IS HOW IT SHAKES OUT.

Ten years ago, I heard how the global technocrats have been planning to systematise control over energy and  internet and privacy.  For years.  No sanitised person would even conceive that light-bulbs and refrigerators could be used to control the internet, or  sponsor DDOS attacks, or invade your privacy.  But even a year or two ago, my LL came telling me of a book she read where kitchen utensils could be sued to spy on us.  In one way or another.  Well, this movie comes along in 2016, "Christmas Party," where the lead female comes up with a way to save the internet by utilizing all gadgets and utensiles in a city.

Do you realise how many of thousands of screenplays flow into Hollywood?  Do you realise how many thousands get rejected?  Only special scripts get through.  And many of these are backed by corporate or foundation funding and CEO influence.  SO - SO - MANY of the films you see have discrete propaganda written into them...  I urge you to wake up and be your own censor:  YOUR OWN CRITICAL THINKER!

I can say that I liked this movie.  I know all about partying.  Nice to get away from this insane idiot downstairs, and go out and experience some lame approximation of a Christmas Eve celebration, since I have no life, due to CFS. But that does not mean that I liked all the gratuitous, foul FLUFF, or the corporate propaganda.  You see, they think that if you walk away liking the movie, then you walk away accepting their messages.  By now, as an LJ friend of mine - you are beyond their reach, yes?  Yes!

OK - Let us descend into the fortuitously surreptitious...  Suspicious serendipity...   Here is what life is really about...  It is about coincidence in your own awareness.  And that's about it....  I, myself, saw a Craigslist ad, offering to barter a budgie.  Plus a big cage.  I thought this would be great for my dog.  But also, I like birds.    As soon as I see this, I am off to a movie, called, "Arrival", where there is a bird in a cage - and I'm like... Hey!   And, right after this, I see the Monty Python sketch, of a dead parrot in a cage.  These are all nifty wee coincidences.

But what's more nifty is that I had been writing a post about the nature of time, which I have yet to post, prior to going to the movie.  As I was walking on my way to the movie, I naturally thought to myself, "Well, this movie is going to have some kind of weird association to some weird thing in your life," - because I could just sense it, and it so often happens.  I can almost predict coincidence at this point.

Sure enough, despite the infantality of the movie, the movie was a lot about the non-linearity of true time, in the fourth dimension.  I already introduced you to some damn thing about time, preparing you for upcoming posts on this topic.  We live in an astonishing reality.  Why so may writers are filling up their movies with all this crap, I don't know - but I do: These are the scripts that the corporate sycophants know will bring in the best reptilians sales, consequently alienating and dividing the people, which is alternately to the pleasure of the global-corporate CEOs.  If the people can be alienated, they can be externalised like a cost, and they can be set at the throats of each other.

This is no third grade stuff.  This is it.  This is the nature of marketing capitalism.  All these other questions and improvements...  They are exploitations of ever-diminishing opportunities and resources.  It just become more and more of a strain.  Technological improvements, as more efficient servants, always serve and amplify the already-rich.
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